Selected Writings of William Fenton Tyree, Sr.
Compiled & Edited by C. Virginia Tyree
May, 1990



This collection, selected from a lifetime of writings by my father, William Fenton Tyree, is lovingly compiled for his progeny and their loved ones.

Tom and Maxine Tyree made this possible by arranging my trip here to Blue Bell to deliver the originals and act as the editor. Thanks to the team and the computer.

In addition to the poetry and three Sunday lessons on "Divine Law", "The Power of the Resurrection", and "Prayer" included here, there are on hand, but not in this printing, other Sunday lessons two books ("One Man and God" and "Faith of a Fool"), a play ("Saul of Tarsus") and more poems - long and short.

I find expressed in Papa's writings feelings of reverence, awe, respect, love, admiration, forbearance, fun, perspective, tenderness, grief, understanding, and humility.

Virginia Tyree
(Toots, Googie)


Poem Collections


 Heaven and Earth

 Love Thoughts







Sunday Lessons


The Certainty of the Operation of Divine Law
The Power of the Resurrection





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