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Below is our Tyree family genealogy. It represents decades of work by numerous Tyree family genealogists. In many cases, names were added only after a trip was made to a grave yard or a county courthouse. Sometimes money had to be spent in order to purchase copies of wills, birth certificates or marriage licenses. However, we are convinced that only by free exchange of genealogical information will we be able to further expand our knowledge. The following information is posted to the world wide web in this spirit.


Robert F. Tyree


Elinor Tyree has collected a list of the "Earliest Tyree's", but our family line picks up with William Tyree below ...


1748c William Tyree born in British Isles [Why not Cornelius?]
1774c | Richard F. Tyree born in Charles City County, Virginia
1805  | | Francis Tyree born in Lewisburg, Virginia
1807  | | William Tyree (AKA "Colonel Tyree") born in Lewisburg, Virginia
1809  | | Rebecca Tyree born
1813  | | John Tyree born
1814  | | Mary Jane Tyree born
1816  | | George H. Tyree born
1818  | | Samuel Tyree born
1821  | | Sarah ("Sallie") Tyree born in Lewisburg, Virginia
1824  "Old Stone House" built by Richard F. Tyree
1825  | | Martha Catherine Tyree born in Lewisburg, Virginia
1837  | | | Woodson Andrew Tyree (AKA "Andrew Woodson Tyree") born in Fayette County, Virginia
1861-65  CIVIL WAR
1872  | | | | William Fenton Tyree Sr. born in Wapella, Illinois
1873  | | | Woodson Andrew Tyree moves to Beaumont, Texas
1878  | | | Woodson Andrew Tyree moves back to West Virginia
1900  | | | | | William Woodson Tyree born in Clarksburg, West Virginia
1902  | | | | William Fenton Tyree Sr. moves to Pikeville, Kentucky
1903  | | | | | Benjamin Houston Tyree born in Pikeville, Kentucky
1904  | | | | | Joanna Harvey Tyree born in Pikeville, Kentucky
1906  | | | | | Clara Virginia Tyree born in Pikeville, Kentucky
1908  | | | | | Helen Jacqueline Tyree born in Ashland, Kentucky
1908  | | | | William Fenton Tyree Sr. moves to Durant, Oklahoma
1912  | | | | | William F. Tyree Jr. born in Durant, Oklahoma
1914  | | | | | Andrew Thomas Tyree born in Durant, Oklahoma
1914-18  WORLD WAR I
1926  | | | | William Fenton Tyree Sr. moves to Dallas, Texas


For an explanation of the reasons for selecting the above dates for the offspring of Richard F. Tyree, please click here.

Our Tyree family Bible.

Gene Tyree has compiled a more comprehensive family tree; click here to see it.

Shirley Donnelly wrote about our Tyree Ancestry in the Beckley Post-Herald in 1963.

For a great article on our West Virginia Tyrees, click on The Old Lewisburg Academy. This is an 1883 (!!!) newspaper article from the Greenbrier Independent.

Jerry Tyree's web site takes us on a tour of the Tyree Basin in the Badlands of South Dakota.

For those searching for the European origin of the American Tyrees, Tiree Island in Scotland (See also under Tyree Name) is an intriguing spot, however Carl Tyree Felker's essay on Tyrees in Scotland leads us more to the northeast of Scotland. If you're planning a trip to Scotland, you'll want to read Tyree Braveheart Pilgrimage.


Resources for Tyree genealogical research ...

Pa Tyree's downloadable documents in MicroSoft Word format

Tyree Census Data, collected by Elinor Tyree

If you're a Tyree but don't find your ancestors in our family tree, you will want to click on Other Tyrees. Alternatively, you may want to browse our index of Tyrees by Early American County, which is still a work in progress at this time.

Tyree Surname Genealogical Forum


Young Tyree's work ...

Note that there is a "Tyree collection of notebooks and extracts." Click on "LOCAL HISTORY AND GENEALOGY" at the Swem Library of the College of William and Mary, which is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. This is the late Sheppard Young Tyree's massive collection of Tyree documents. Elinor Tyree recently travelled to Williamsburg in order to examine this collection. If you make the trip, she advises that you ... "Plan to spend at least a week."


Tyree Genealogists ...

Elinor F. Tyree
Gene Tyree (gmtyree@prodigy.net)

Request for information ...


"As you [may] know, there is no profit or fame in genealogy work; and advances in family lines are made only when members of a family voluntarily make their personal information available to the group. We would like to know more about you and your Tyrees. Currently we are plowing through the U. S. Census from 1850-on in an effort to match small Tyree units to larger groups. Your information -- particularly if any is first hand -- could be very helpful."

Elinor F. Tyree



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