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Hello fellow Tyree Researchers--

I came across this obituary while researching another family surname. Not sure if it will be of interest to everyone on this list, but thought some of you might find it of interest.

Marguerite Mathews /


Native of Fayette Passes Away in Greenbrier County

The people of Greenbrier and adjoining counties will learn with sorrow of the death of Capt. Samuel F. Tyree, which occurred at his home at Frankford, at 10:30 p.m., last Sunday January 14, 1912. He was a native of Fayette county, a son of Frank Tyree of Mountain Cove, and a brother of the late Wm. M. Tyree, so well known here and in Fayette and was born in that county, where a good portion of his life was spent, in October, 1840, so that he was in his 72nd year when he passed away. Upon the breaking out of the great war between the states, in 1861, he volunteered as a soldier in Company E, commanded by his uncle, Wm. Tyree, and was attached to the 22d regiment. Later on in that great struggle he organized a company of independent rangers of which he was Captain and with this company he did some very effective service for the Confederacy. Capt. Tyree married Miss Sabina Feamster, a sister of Joseph and Col. S. W. N. Feamster, of this county, and of this union seven children--one daughter, Miss Mattie, and six sons survive. The sons are E. R., F. A., W. F., H. L., J. A., and S. E. Tyree, all of Greenbrier except H. L. who lives at Alva Oklahoma. Capt Tyree had lived in Greenbrier many years and was well known throughout the county. He was a companionable, whole-souled, generous man, ever ready to do a favor or to help the needy. He was an active member of Camp Creigh and proud of the part he had played in the war for Southern rights. Peace to his ashes. His body was interred in the cemetary at Frankford--Greenbrier Independent.


Fayetteville, WV / 25 Jan 1912



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