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The Daily Advance
(Published by Carter Glass & Sons, Publishers, Inc. Powell Glass, Jr.,
Publisher and Thomas R. Glass, Co-Publisher)
Tuesday, July 24, 1973
Editorial Page

Mrs. Mary Glass Tyree
The death of Mrs. Mary Glass Tyree, widow of the late Walter Preston Tyree, Jr., at the age of 90 years, removes not only the oldest surviving descendant of the distinguished Edward Christian Glass, but brings memories and sorrow to many of the elder citizens of this area.

Mrs. Tyree has for so many years been a quiet, retiring person that her gentle presence has been missed. Her going brings back so many warm recollections of earlier days, or contemporaries of hers long gone, that it is difficult to adjust to the realities.

The mind moves back to so many scenes, so many persons, so many friends that were accompaniments of knowing Mrs. Tyree. It is like reviewing half of the history of Lynchburg as they come to mind, and thinking of so many men and women who occupied places of high accomplishment, of warm friendship, of interests as varied as the city itself.

To miss her now is to see how sweet was her image uopn the minds of those who knew her.

The News
Tuesday, July 24, 1973

Area Deaths
Mrs. Walter P. Tyree Dies; Rites Wednesday
Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Glass Tyree, 90, of the Williams Home, 1201 Langhorne Road, will be conducted at 11 a.m. Wednesday at Court Street United Methodist Church by the Rev. George Wesley Jones and Dr. Hugh m. Burleigh. Burial will be in Presbyterian Cemetery.

The widow of Walter Preston Tyree, Jr., a Lynchburg tobacconist, she died Monday at Virginia Baptist Hospital.

Born in Lynchburg, she was a daughter of Dr. Edward Christian Glass and Susan Carter Glass. She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She was also a lifetime member of the Court Street United Methodist Church and the Woman's Society of Christian Service.

She is survived by four daughters, Mrs. John G. Potts and Mrs. David C. Phillips, of Lynchburg, Mrs. H. Latham Breunig of Indianapolis, Ind., and Mrs. Hunter Faulconer of Charlottesville; two sisters, Mrs. Edward H. Mayfield and Mrs. Richard Henry Lee, of Lynchburg; 14 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren.

Diuguid Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Letter from Neil Hammerstrom

Ed's mother was a real lady.

They had the following children:


61 i. Virgina Carter TYREE
62 ii. John Bransford TYREE
63 iii. Nancy Duval TYREE
64 iv. Mary Preston (Polly) TYREE
65 v. Edward Christian Glass TYREE
66 vi. Frances Anderson TYREE


44. Elizabeth Younger TYREE. Born 16 FEB 1878 in Tyreeanna, VA. Died in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery.

In an article about the marriage of Walter Preston Tyree and Mary Carter Glass, a Miss Bessie Tyree is listed as being present. Elizabeth is the older sister of Walter Preston?

She married Edwin Ruben BELL. Born in Lynchburg, VA. Died in Richmond, VA. Buried in Lynchburg, Presbyterian Cemetery. They had the following children:


67 i. Walter Preston BELL


45. Charles Anderson TYREE. Born 19 SEP 1880 in Tyreeanna, Va. Died in Lynchburg, Va. Education Public Schools.

He married Lucille SHELTON. They had the following children:


68 i. Elizabeth TYREE
69 ii. Lucille TYREE


46. Samuel William TYREE. Born 1 OCT 1883 in Tyreeanna, VA. Died 30 JUL 1918 in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery. Occupation Fireman On Southern Railroad. Education Public Schools. Religion Methodist.

He married Rose Caloway CAMPBELL, CIRCA 1905. Born 4 AUG 1889 in Bedford, VA. Died 26 MAY 1964 in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery. Occupation Homemaker. Education Public Schools. Religion Presbyterian. They had the following children:


70 i. Martha Anderson TYREE
71 ii. Rubie Paxton TYREE
72 iii. Rose Campbell TYREE
73 iv. Samuel William TYREE, Jr.


47. Richard Andrew TYREE. Born 5 JUL 188615 in Tyreeanna, VA. Died in ? Suffolk, VA. Education Public Schools.

He married Ruth CHRISTIAN. They had the following children:


74 i. ? TYREE


48. Nathan Lewis TYREE. Born 10 FEB 1891 in Tyreeanna, VA. Died 24 DEC 1927 in Suffolk, VA.

49. Roxanna Deering TYREE 17. Born 10 SEP 1887.

50. Sally Woodson TYREE 17. Born 18 MAR 1890. Died 1906.

51. Paul Whitehead TYREE 17. Born 1892.

52. Charles Terrell TYREE 17. Born 1894.

53. Mary Mildred TYREE 17. Born 1896/1897.

54. Mary Elizabeth TYREE 17.


Sixth Generation

55. John Henry TYREE. Born 27 APR 1897 in Tyreeanna, Va. Died 5 JUL 1970 in Richmond, VA. Buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery. Occupation Bookkeeper/Accountant. Education Public Schools. Religion Episcopal.

He married Ruby Terrell FOSTER, 5 SEP 1928. Born 27 JAN 1904 in Richmond, VA. Occupation High School Teacher (40 Years). Education John Marshall High, Westhampton College, U Of Richmond. Religion Episcopalian.

56. Margaret Parks TYREE. Born 30 MAR 1899 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 15 MAY 1978 in Wellfleet, MA. Occupation Secretary/Homemaker C&P Telephone Of VA. Education Lynchburg High. Religion Episcopalian.

She married Edwin Newell RICH. Died 14 DEC 1979 in Wellsfleet, MA. Occupation Plant Engineer New York Telephone. Education MIT. Religion Methodist.

57. Nancy Ammonette TYREE. Born 6 DEC 1903 in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Secretary Ernst And Ernst/ Accountants. Education John Marshal High. Religion Episcopalian.

She married William Walton HOPKINS , Sr., 27 JUN 1931. Born 26 AUG 1902 in Baltimore, MD. Died 2 OCT 1989 in Jacksonville, FL 32207. Occupation Engineer, C& P Telephone Of VA. Education Mercersburg Academy, Central High Washington, D.C. Religion Presbyterian/Episcopal. They had the following children:


75 i. William Walton HOPKINS, Jr., Col.
76 ii. Louisa Burks HOPKINS


58. Rice Scott TYREE. Born 26 MAR 1909 in Lynchburg, VA. Died JUL 1984 in Richmond, VA 23233. Occupation Certified Public Accountant Arthur Anderson, & Co. Education Public Schools, Virginia Mechanics Institute?. Religion Episcopalian.

He married Elizabeth Howle KAY, 20 AUG 1932. Born 10 SEP 1905 in Richmond, VA. Died JAN 1985 in Richmond, VA 23233. Occupation Clerk Federal Reserve Bank, Treasurer, Arlington Public School. Education Public Schools, Business College. Religion Baptist. They had the following children:


77 i. Netta Elizabeth TYREE


59. Tyree McDaniel ALMOND. Born 21 JUL 1903 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 30 JAN 1965 in Atlanta, GA. Buried in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Executive With Aetna Insurance. Education Public Schools, Virginia Military Institute. Religion Methodist.

He married Eva Mae McCASLIN, 2 JUL 1928. Born 2 AUG 1903 in Annona, TX. Died 21 MAR 1978 in Kingsport, TN. Buried in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Homaker. Education Public Schools, Oklahoma State Teacher's College. Religion Methodist. They had the following children:


78 i. Elizabeth Ellett ALMOND


60. Louise Ashby ALMOND. Born 18 SEP 1911 in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Medical Assistant, Legislative Aide General Assembly. Education Randolph Macon Women's College, Virginia Commonwealth Univer. Religion Methodist.

61. Virgina Carter TYREE. Born 20 APR 19041 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Died in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Occupation Homemaker/Teacher. Education Randolph Macon Women's College. Religion Methodist.

Attended Lynchburg, VA public schools; E. C. Glass High School; and Randolph-Macon Women's College. Member Methodist Church. OccupationÑTeacher and Homemaker.1

She married John Gary POTTS , DDS, son of Reginald H. POTTS & Annie MOORE, 19 JUN 1929 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Born 4 SEP 1899 1 in Lynchburg, VA. Died CIRCA 1971 in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Dentist. Education Randolph Macon College, Richmond Medical School. Religion Methodist.

Attended Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA, and Richmond, VA Medical School. Member Methodist Church. OccupationÑDentist. Military ServiceÑwas in R.O.T.C. during WWI and received an honorable discharge. 1

They had the following children:


79 i. John Gary POTTS, Jr.
80 ii. Nancy Duval POTTS
81 iii. Anne Elizabeth POTTS


62. John Bransford TYREE. Born 31 OCT 1905 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 10 DEC 1906 in Lynchburg, VA.

63. Nancy Duval TYREE. Born 4 JUN 1908 in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Homemaker. Education Clarke School For The Deaf, Phillips Secretarial School. Religion Presbyterian.

She married Henry Latham BREUNIG , Ph. D., son of Leroy C. BREUNIG & Lydia Helen LATHAM, 4 JUN 1938 in Lynchburg, VA. Born 19 NOV 1910 in Indianapolis, IN. Occupation Statistician, Eli Lilly. Education Clarke School For The Deaf, Wabash College, Johns Hopkins U. Religion Presbyterian. They had the following children:


82 i. Florence Latham BREUNIG
83 ii. Preston Tyree BREUNIG, JD
84 iii. Robert Glass BREUNIG, Ph. D.


64. Mary Preston (Polly) TYREE. Born 12 OCT 1911 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 3 OCT 1984 in Charlottesville, VA. Occupation Homemaker. Education Chatham Hall. Religion Episcopalian.

She married Percival Hunter FAULCONER, son of Percy Henderson FAULCONER & Stella M. CLARK, 12 SEP 1931 in Lynchburg, VA. Born 23 AUG 1906 in Lodi, OH. Occupation General Farming. Education Episcopl High School, University Of Virginia. Religion Baptist. They had the following children:


85 i. Percival Hunter FAULCONER, Jr.
86 ii. Mary Carter FAULCONER
87 iii. Edward Henderson FAULCONER


65. Edward Christian Glass TYREE. Born 15 JAN 19152 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 3 JAN 1945 in Monaville, Belgium. Buried in Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Occupation Paratrooper. Education E.C.Glass High School, Corcoran School Of Art, Wash DC. Religion Methodist Church.

Joined the cavalry in 1942 as 2nd Lt. Transferred to Airborne when cavalry converted from horses to tanks.

Died in combat near Monaville, Belgium during Battle of the Bulge. At that time he was a 1st Lieutenant, commanding 3rd Platoon, Co. I, 3rd Battalion, 502 Parachute Infantry Regiment of 101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles". He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster.

Letter from Neil Hammerstrom

Ed was a natural artist, but I doubt that he ever was serious enough to develop his talent beyond a certain point. Other traits such as his athletic ability were not compatible with being a typical artist. In his senior year in high school he was art editor of the school magazine called "The Critic" and also of our annual yearbook called "Critic Crest." (1932?) The theme of our annual was George Washington during the colonial era, and he illustrated various pages of figures in colonial attire. When he was in Farmville, VA on the tobacco market he made a drawing of the rotunda at State Teachers College (now named Longwood College), and they used this drawing reproduced on their mailings. Unfortunately, I don't know of any copies that exist today.

Billy (Carrington) says that Ed was the leader in their little gang. They had a football team in the neighborhood and Ed, naturally, was the captain.

He married Almira Morrill (Morrie) MACLEOD, daughter of William Thornhill (Jake, Billy) MACLEOD & Mary Elizabeth (Lady) ONTHANK, JUN 1939 in Lynchburg, VA. Born 15 JUL 1918 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 2 DEC 1990 in Pell City, AL. Buried in Pell Ciy, AL. Occupation Homemaker. Education E.C. Glass High School. Religion Episcopalian. They had the following children:


88 i. Edward Christian Glass TYREE , Jr.
89 ii. Walter Preston TYREE, III


66. Frances Anderson TYREE. Born 29 JAN 1919 in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Buyer Of Department Store. Education Virginia Commercial College. Religion Court Street United Methodist.

She first married Randolph Ward HUDSON, 2 MAR 1938 in Lynchburg, VA. Born 2 MAR 1907 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 5 FEB 1970 in Lynchburg, VA. They were divorced 12 OCT 1964. Occupation Electrical Contractor. Education Augusta Military Academy, Va Polytechnical Institute. Religion Episcopal. They had the following children:


90 i. Irby Littleton HUDSON
91 ii. Randolph Ward HUDSON, Jr.
92 iii. Walter Tyree HUDSON
93 iv. Mary Carter HUDSON


She second married David Carleton PHILLIPS, son of Herbert Pritchard PHILLIPS & Fannie O'DONNELL, 7 NOV 1964 in Lynchburg, VA. Born 5 JUL 1916 in Rustburg, VA. Died 25 DEC 1987 in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Fort Hill Burial Park. Occupation Sheet Metal And Roofing/VP Consumers Dorwin Adams. Education Public Schools. Religion Christian Church.

67. Walter Preston BELL.

68. Elizabeth TYREE.

69. Lucille TYREE.

70. Martha Anderson TYREE. Born 27 FEB 1906 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 23 MAR 1977 in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Fort Hill Memorial Park. Education Public Schools. Religion Lutheran.

Married late in life and had no children

She married Eugene Herman CREWS, CIRCA 1963. Born 26 JUN 1904 in Halifax, VA. Occupation Retired. Education Public Schools. Religion Lutheran.

71. Rubie Paxton TYREE. Born 28 APR 1907 in Lynchburg, VA. Died MAR 1985 in Lynchburg, VA 24502. Occupation Homemaker And Office Supervisor. Education Lynchburg Business College. Religion Episcopal.

She married Thomas Easley CRADDOCK, 15 JUN 1930. Born 1 FEB 1898 in Halifax, VA. Died 14 MAR 1937 in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Springhill Cemetery. Occupation Craddock Terry Shoe Co. Salesman. Education Cluster Springs Military Academy. Religion Grace Memorial Episcopal. They had the following children:


94 i. Fannie Yancey CRADDOCK
95 ii. Thomas Easley CRADDOCK, Jr.


72. Rose Campbell TYREE. Born 1 SEP 1910 in Rockbridge County, VA. Occupation Secretary. Education E. C. Glass High School. Religion Rivermont Presbyterian.

Never married

73. Samuel William TYREE, Jr. Born 14 MAY 1915 in Lynchburg, VA. Died SEP 1983 in Johnson City, TN 37601. Occupation HVAC Mechanic. Education Phillips Business College.

He first married ?.

He second married Lela B. WILLIAMS.

74. ? TYREE.


Seventh Generation

75. William Walton HOPKINS , Jr., Col. Born 26 AUG 1935 in Richmond, VA. Occupation U.S. Air Force. Education VPI. Religion Episcopal Baptist.

He married Nettie Frances CRANK, 6 SEP 1958. Born 16 FEB 1936 in Richmond, VA. Occupation Homemaker And Piano Teacher. Education Randolph Macon Women's College. Religion Baptist. They had the following children:


96 i. Mary Frances HOPKINS
97 ii. Cynthia Ammonette HOPKINS
98 iii. Elizabeth Eugenia HOPKINS


76. Louisa Burks HOPKINS. Born 4 JAN 1940 in Richmond, VA. Occupation Decorater And Homemaker. Education Sullins Junior College. Religion Episcopalian.

She married John Watson GRABER, 1 SEP 1962. Born 8 DEC 1939 in Bennettsville, SC. Occupation Project Engineer. Education VPI. Religion Episcopal. They had the following children:


99 i. Elinor Hopkins GRABER
100 ii. Stuart Mackinnon GRABER


77. Netta Elizabeth TYREE. Born 19 FEB 1941 in Richmond, VA. Occupation Radiologic Technologist. Education Frankfurt American High School, Frankfurt, Germany. Religion Baptist.

She married Courtney Frischkorn HENDERLITE, 2 JAN 1965. Born 26 JUL 1934 in Pernambuco, Brasil. Occupation Production Supervisor. Education Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC. Religion Presbyterian Baptist. They had the following children:


101 i. Scott Courtney HENDERLITE
102 ii. Nanette Elizabeth HENDERLITE


78. Elizabeth Ellett ALMOND. Born 30 JUN 1935 in Dallas, TX. Occupation Homemaker. Education Wesleyan College, Macon, GA U Of GA. Religion Presbyterian.

She married Gordon Kenneth TRAVIS, 14 APR 1956. Born 17 MAR 1934 in Detroit, MI. Occupation Plastics Marketing, Eastman Kodak Co. Education GA Institute Of Technology. Religion Presbyterian. They had the following children:


103 i. Elizabeth Almond TRAVIS
104 ii. Patricia Winston TRAVIS


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