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Granddaughter of Patrick Henry.

Housekeeping in Old Virginia
By Marion Cabell Tyree
A true cookbook classic, "Housekeeping in Old Virginia" was published in 1879 by the granddaughter of Patrick Henry, Marion Cabell Tyree, it is a collection of over 1,700 favorite Virginia recipes from 250 famous Virginia families. Famous old Virginia family names appear again and again in Housekeeping in Old Virginia. The cookbook received lavish praise as soon as it was published.

W P Tyree, III has two copies of this cookbook reprinted by the Cookbook Collectors Library in 1965

Mrs. Camillus Christian, who is referenced in (13) was a contributor to this book as are Mrs. Samuel Tyree and Mrs. J. H. Tyree.

Proceedings Virginia Historical Society, Feb 24, 1914
Gift: Bowl property of Patrick Henry, bequeathed the Society by granddaughter, the late Mrs. M. F. C. Tyree of Lynchburg, VA.

12. Mildred Douglas TYREE. Born 6 SEP1825. Died 24 JUN 1893.

She married George G. WILLIAMS 17, 9 DEC 1842.


Fourth Generation

13. Cora Virginia TYREE. Born 5 OCT 182914. Died 10 FEB1911 in Woodbury, NJ.

In Obituary in Lynchburg News,14 MAR1899, of Rosa Kent (Tyree) Gregory, Mrs. William S.

Shows sister Mrs. Johnson of Philadelphia

She married Thomas Lafayette JOHNSON, son of Shelby JOHNSON & Sarah ROBERTS, 12 JUN 1850. Born 14.

14. Marion Fisher TYREE. Born 19 NOV 1831. Died 27 JUN 1833.

15. Elizabeth Bailey TYREE. Born 30 NOV 1833. Died 4 DEC 1905 in Washington, DC.

Shown as sister "J. W. Younger" in obituary of Rosa Kent (Tyree) Gregory 14 MAR, 1899.

She married Samuel W. YOUNGER, son of Joel YOUNGER, 24 SEP 1851. Born 14 in Halifax Co. VA.

16. Charles Hudson TYREE. Born 11 APR 1836. Died 2 JUN 1864 in Tyreeanna.

Charles Hudson Tyree, First Lt. Company E, Eleventh Regiment of Virginia Volunteers. Wounded at the Battle of Drury's Bluff on 16 May 1864 and died at his father's residence Tyreeanna from his wounds, 2 JUN 1864. 15

He married Bettie M. SCLATER, 12 APR 1860. 14.

17. John Richard TYREE. Born 10 APR 1838. Died 17 JUN 1867.

John Richard Tyree, Rifle Grays, Company A, Eleventh Regiment, Virginia Volunteers died 17 JUN 1867. 15

18. Samuel Bransford TYREE. Born 28 JAN 1841. Died 31 MAY 1862 in Battle Of Seven Pines.

Samuel Bransford Tyree, Company G, Eleventh Regiment, Virginia Volunteers, killed at Battle of Seven Pines below Richmond, 31 MAY 1862. One young son too young to fight and slave went and brought body back. 15

19. Richard Clay TYREE. Born 23 APR 1843. Died 11 SEP 1844.

20. Andrew Adams TYREE. Born 2 SEP 1845. Died 11 OCT 1868.

21. Rosa Kent TYREE. Born 15 SEP 1847 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 12 MAR 1899 in Lynchburg, VA.

Lynchburg News
14 MAR 1899


"Death of Mrs. W. S. Gregory
Attack of Pneumonia Terminates Fatally."


Mrs. Rosa Kent Gregory, wife of Mr. William S. Gregory, died Sunday morning at twenty minutes past five o'clock at her home on Clay Street after a brief illness. About three weeks ago she suffered an attack of grip but she grew better and recovered her strength to a considerable extent. Seven or eight days before her death she was again stricken with the disease, which rapidly developed into a severe case of pneumonia. The progress of the malady was such as to almost preclude any hope of her recovery and for two or three days her friends and relations were prepared for the end. On Saturday her condition was extremely critical and all during the afternoon and evening the sad reports of her sickness indicated that her beautiful life was drawing to a close.

Mrs. Gregory was the daughter of the late John H. Tyree, in his day a prominent citizen who owned the estate known as Tyreeanna a few miles south east of the city. she was born in Lynchburg fifty one years ago, but spend most of her hearly life at her father's picturesque country home which lies upon an elevated plateau facing the James.

At an early age, she envinced those lovable and attractive qualities, which in the passing years won for her the highest esteem and warm affections of all who came within the sphere of her acquaintance. Her marriage took place on January 10th, 1872 since which time her native city has been the place of her residence.

Upon this communityÑMrs. Gregory's life and work have left an indeliable impression. By her sweet, attractive disposition, and by the purity and strenght of her religious convictions, she won the admiration and profound respect of every one who knew her and in the daily walks of life in ths smaller details and in the larger, she was earnest, faithful, and patient, showing forth in her words and deeds an unfailing confidence in divine grace and a lovely spirit of charity towards all men.

In her death, the hundreds of people who know her and loved her, feel a deep personal loss, while every one unites in mourning the death of one whose place in the community can hardly be filled. Mrs. Gregory was a consistant and devoted member of the Court Street Methodist Church and was ever actively interested in all that partained to the church or the Sunday school. She is survived by her husband, and the following children. Mrs. W. J. Seabury, Misses R. Kent, Susie S. Cora, Nannie and Helen and J. Tyree Gregory.

Mrs. Gregory was a sister of Mrs. J. W. Younger and Mr. Walter Tyree of this city, of Mrs. Nannie Sinton of Washington and Mrs. Johnson of Philadelphia. The funeral services took place yesterday afternoon at four o'clock from Court St. Methodist Church and were conducted in the presence of a large assemblage of relatives, friends and acquaintances by the pastor Rev. A. Coke Smith D.D. While simple the services were toucing and tender, consisting of the usual exercises including a selection by the choir, a passage of scripture and prayers. The few remarks by Dr. Smith, based principally upon God's love and care for His people, were of a most appropriable character and were expressed in a chaste and beautiful manner carrying to the heart of each one present a lesson and an illustration of what God is to those who love Him. At the conclusion of the service at the church the ramains were conveyed to the Presbyterian Cemetery, where they were laid to rest in the family section. The Court St. choir rendered a hymn at the grave. The floral offerings formed a mass of exquisite and fragrant blossoms.

The active pall bearers were Messers Charles G. Seay, W.W. Bigbie, Q. F. Sheffey, H.C. Snead, John J. Younger and Dr. Frank A. Lee. The honarary pall bearers were Messers T. D. Jennings, Thomas B. Dornin, Rev. T. M. McCorkle and W. P. Givvs.

The flower bearers were Messers W. A. Inge, E. M. Heard, Howard Johnson, Frank Wellford, John Turner and John L. Tyree

(I think this was written by Hon Carter Glass when he was editor of his paper. He knew the family quite well, especially Mother's family.) [This note probably by Phoebe Tyree Gregory]


She married William Sidney GREGORY, son of James Duffel GREGORY & Anne Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 10 JAN 1872 in Court Street Methodist, Lynchburg, VA. Born 12 MAR 1845 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 20 FEB 1929. They had the following children:


30 i. Rosa Kent GREGORY
31 ii. William Sidney GREGORY
32 iii. Phoebe Tyree GREGORY
33 iv. Susie Sanford GREGORY
34 v. James Duffel GREGORY
35 vi. Cora Bettie GREGORY
36 vii. Nannie Sinton GREGORY
37 viii. Lizzie Williams GREGORY
38 ix. John Tyree GREGORY
39 x. Helen Douglas GREGORY


22. Walter Preston TYREE. Born 19 MAR 1850 1 in Tyreeanna, Campbell Co., VA. Died 18 JAN 1930 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery Lynchburg, VA.

Walter Preston Tyree, Sr. born at ÒTyreeannaÓ near Lynchburg, Virginia, March 19, 1850. Son of John Henley and Anne Phoebe (Bransford) Tyree. Walter had what education available in that area during and right after the War between the States. He later attended Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. member Methodist Church. OccupationÑassociated with the local railroad for some years. Walter died at Lynchburg, Virginia, January 18, 1930, and was interred at Lynchburg, Virginia, in the Presbyterian Cemetery. 1

He married Martha A. ANDERSON, daughter of Col. Logan Puryear ANDERSON & Elmira Frances ROANE, 11 APR 1871. Born 30 DEC 18451 in Halifax County, VA. Died 30 DEC 1914 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Homemaker. Education Private Tutors. Religion Methodist.

Mrs. W. P. Tyree is mentioned as having died four years earlier in obituary of her mother, Elmira Frances (Roane) Anderson in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, August 1918

They had the following children:


40 i. John Logan TYREE
41 ii. Phoebe Elmyra TYREE
42 iii. Maude Bransford TYREE
43 iv. Walter Preston TYREE, Jr.
44 v. Elizabeth Younger TYREE
45 vi. Charles Anderson TYREE
46 vii. Samuel William TYREE
47 viii. Richard Andrew TYREE
48 ix. Nathan Lewis TYREE


23. Anne Amonette TYREE. Born 13 MAY 1852. Died in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Va.

In obituary in Lynchburg News of 14 Mar 1899 of Rosa Kent (Tyree) Gregory, Mrs. William S. is shown sister Mrs. Nannie Sinton of Washington.

Note: it is too this home that the couple, Walter Preston Tyree, Jr. and Mary Carter Glass eloped in 1903. Walter Preston Tyree, Jr. was the son of Walter Preston Tyree, brother to Anne Ammonette (Tyree) Sinton.

She married Charles Cox SINTON, 4 OCT 1882 in Richmond, VA. Buried 10 MAY 1889 in Hollywood Cem., Richmond VA.

24. Achilles Douglas TYREE, Jr. 17.

25. Samuel Joseph TYREE 17.

26. Thomas M. TYREE 17.

27. R. L. TYREE 17.

28. Joseph S. TYREE. Born 14 AUG 1850 in Campbell Co. VA.

He married Mary Elizabeth DOUGLAS. They had the following children:


49 i. Roxanna Deering TYREE
50 ii. Sally Woodson TYREE
51 iii. Paul Whitehead TYREE
52 iv. Charles Terrell TYREE
53 v. Mary Mildred TYREE
54 vi. Mary Elizabeth TYREE


29. Richard J. TYREE.


Fifth Generation

30. Rosa Kent GREGORY. Born 24 NOV 1872. Died AFTER 14 MAR 1899.

Miss R. Kent listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR 1899

31. William Sidney GREGORY. Born 8 AUG 1874. Died (BEFORE 14 MAR 1899)?

Not listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR, 1899.

32. Phoebe Tyree GREGORY. Born 6 JUN 1876 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Died 19 NOV 1906 in Denver, CO.

Mrs. W. J. Seabury listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR, 1899. She married William James SEABURY, 4 OCT 1897 in Court St. United Methodist Lynchburg, VA. Born 19 JAN 1897 in Newport, RI.

33. Susie Sanford GREGORY. Born 6 DEC 1878. Died 6 JUN 1900.

Miss Susie S. listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR, 1899.

34. James Duffel GREGORY. Born 11 OCT 1880. Died (BEFORE 14 MAR 1899?).

Not listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR 1899.

35. Cora Bettie GREGORY. Born 15 FEB 1883.

Miss Cora listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR, 1899.

36. Nannie Sinton GREGORY. Born 25 JAN 1885.

Miss Nannie listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR, 1899.

37. Lizzie Williams GREGORY. Born 6 JUN 1887. Died (BEFORE 14 MAR 1899?).

Not listed as surviving in her mother's obituary 14 MAR 1899.

38. John Tyree GREGORY. Born 18 FEB 1889.

J. Tyree listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR, 1899.

39. Helen Douglas GREGORY. Born 3 MAY 1891.

Miss Helen listed as surviving in mother's obituary 14 MAR, 1899.

She married William Durham HALL, FEB in Washington, D.C. Born in Roanoke, VA. 40. John Logan TYREE. Born 30 JAN 1872 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 19 MAR 1950 in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Owned Photography Shop. Education Available.

John L. Tyree listed as flower-bearer in Rosa Kent (Tyree) Gregory obituary 14 MAR, 1899.

He married Marcia Roberta SCOTT, CIRCA 1895. Born 23 OCT 1870 in Lynchburg, VA. Died in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Scott Private Cemetery. Occupation Homemaker. Religion Episcopal. They had the following children:


55 i. John Henry TYREE
56 ii. Margaret Parks TYREE
57 iii. Nancy Ammonette TYREE
58 iv. Rice Scott TYREE


41. Phoebe Elmyra TYREE. Born 6 AUG 1873. Died 1874.

42. Maude Bransford TYREE. Born 17 MAR 1875 in Tyreeanna, VA. Died 28 FEB 1970 in Richmond, VA. Buried in Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Homemaker. Education Private Christian School In Richmond. Religion Episcopalian.

A Mrs. C.H. Almond, Jr. is listed as being the friend of Walter Preston Tyree, Jr.'s bride, Mary Carter Glass in the article about their elopement.

She married Charles Henry ALMOND, 17 SEP 1902. Born 24 MAY 1879 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 21 DEC 1940 in Lynchburg, VA. Buried in Springhill Cemetery. Occupation C. H. Almond Dry Goods, Co. Education Public Schools, Roanoke College. Religion Baptist. They had the following children:

59 i. Tyree McDaniel ALMOND
60 ii. Louise Ashby ALMOND

43. Walter Preston TYREE, Jr. Born 2 DEC 1876 in Tyreeanna, Campbell Co., VA. Died 2 JAN 1959 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Tobacconist. Education Public Schools. Religion Methodist.

Lynchburg News 4 March, 1903
March 3, 1903ÑWashington, D.C.


Young Lynchburg Couple Married at Washington Monday Night


The Washington Post of yesterday gives the following account of the marriage of a young Lynchburg couple in that city Monday night:

Another couple was added to the long list of Virginia runaways who have found Washington a most convenient Gretna Green, when Mr. Walter Preston Tyree and Miss Mary Carter Glass, both of Lynchburg, eluded the parents of the latter and were married here last night. The knot was tied at the home of Mrs. Nannie Sinton, 1012 Fourteenth Street, northwest in the presence of a number of persons who had been into the secret.

The bride is daughter of Mr. E. C. Glass, superintendent of the public schools of Lynchburg and a niece of Representative Carter Glass of the Sixth Virginia district. While there was some opposition on the part of the parents of the bride it was not of the unalterable kind. However, there was opposition, and that was enough to bring the young couple to the decision that it was well that they should come to Washington and be married. According to a prearranged plan Mr. Tyree left Lynchburg Sunday night and arrived in Washington yesterday morning. He found a friend to help him out and together they called on the Rev. Frank M. Bristol, pastor of the Metropolitan Methodist church who agreed to tie the knot. The license was procured and it was arranged that the wedding should take place at the house of Mrs. Sinton, the bridegroomÕs aunt.

The bride-to-be left Lynchburg at 4 oÕclock yesterday afternoon, accompanied by a friend, Mrs. C. H. Almond, Jr. They left the train at Alexandria where they were met by the bridegroom and a friend, and together the party came to this city on an electric train. They reached Washington at 10 oÕclock and were driven direct to 1012 Fourteenth street, where a family party of the bridegroomÕs relations awaited them.

Dr. Bristol was expected to arrive at 10:45 , but at 10:45 he had not appeared. His failure to be on time cause a feeling of consternation. The bridegroom became nervous. Feminine members of the household, who feared interruption, suggested sending out in the immediate neighborhood for a parson, and this suggestion was about to be complied with when Dr. Bristol arrived. Within a very short while the bride and bridegroom were standing before him in the bay-window of the drawing-room, while a dozen or more invited guests gathered around. With the brevity that characterized the otherwise solemn ceremony, the marriage service was read, and the trials of the nervous bridegroom and the brave and pretty little bride who had come all the way from Lynchburg practically alone, were over.

Those present were Mrs. Nannie Sinton, the Misses Towles, Mrs. N.W. Turk, Mrs. S.W. Young, Mrs. J.S. Dudley, Mrs. O.W. Kennedy, Mrs. Kate Upshur, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar De Mott, Miss Bessie Tyree, Mrs. Almond, and Mr. J. Foster King. Representative Glass was notified of the marriage shortly after it took place and went at once to call on the bride.

Mr. and Mrs. Tyree will remain in Washington a few days, after which they will return to Lynchburg, where Mr. Tyree is engaged in the tobacco business, and plead for the parental blessing.


Letter from Neil Hammerstom

Éhis father, was a jewel in the rough, and that's being charitable where your namesake is concerned. Mr. Tyree followed the tobacco market in VA and NC, which explains why he was away from hom so much. I suspect he was not particularly favored by certain members of the Glass family, so that, too, accounted for some of his absence.

He married Mary Carter GLASS, daughter of Edward Christian GLASS & Susan Gathright CARTER, 3 MAR 1903 in Washington, DC. Born 18 MAY 1883 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Died 23 JUL 1973 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA. Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery Lynchburg, VA. Occupation Homemaker. Education Private Schools, Randolph Macon Womens College. Religion Court Street Methodist Church.

Mary Carter's uncle Carter Glass was the well known Senator from Virginia who co-authored the Glass-Stegall act which established the Federal Reserve Board. He also was a representative from Va. and served as Secretary of the Treasury under Hoover?


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