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TYREE and Related Families in Lynchburg, VA

Richard Tyree Family

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Our first reference to a Tyree in the U.S. is in the Index to Patents

Aug. 14, 1622 : To Richard Tyree of James City - Carpenter - who came over into this country with Master Percye, Cape Merchant in the George as a free man, fifty acres of land.

A Richard Tyree (possibly the same one) was Burgess from Hog Island 1627-29.

In the Census of Virginia of 1624, Richard T(y)ree and his 12 year old son John are listed in James Island having arrived on the George. The date of their arrival is not shown but it is know that the George made numerous voyages between May of 1617 and October of 1623.

In 1662, Alexander Tyree and James Reed got a grant...

The Quit Rent roles of 1704 list all of the land holders in Virginia and they show the following names:
Terry, James King William County
Terry, Stephen King William County
Terry, Thomas King William County
Tyery, Wm. James City County
Tyrey, Thom Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul,
Tyrrey, Alexandr Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul,
Tyrrey, James Parish of St. Peters and St. Paul
The last four are the most likely to be members of the family although I have been unable to make a connection.

On the road from Barhamsville to Tabernacle Church was the plantation...and the Tyrees were Roger, Wm, Sarah and the orphans of Lucy Tyree. This fell into the Blisland Parish, not St James Northam or St Paul's. This was just after 1725 or so. [Clinton Slayton]

The Vestry Records of New Kent Co.

1722 Oct. - To M-William Tyree for keeping and maintaining Richard Curle, Orphan of Richard Curle deceased. He is to keep him from being any charge to the Parish in future.

1729 - Benjamin Tyree, weaver, took an apprentice

1746 - to Benjamin Tyrey for keeping 2 of Sarah TereyÕs children.

1760, Nov 10th - To James Tyree, his account for boarding Walter Rauleigh; his prentice 71 days while at work o the upper church £2//10//-.

To James Tyree, his account for wheat Lyme & bricks for the upper Church.

1761 Oct 19 - To William Jones for keeping Lucy Tyree Orphan of Roger Tyree £5//-//-.

1773 Nov 29th - To William Jones for a Coffin for Lucy Tyree -//15//-.

In General LafayetteÕs memoirs he mentions spending the night at the Tyree plantation just prior to the Battle of Green Springs on July 6, 1781. This is just 20 miles outside of Williamsburg and would be in the right area for New Kent County. (Lafayette in Virginia, unpublished letters)

Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution, 1775 - 1783, John Hastings, G. Wathmey, 1938, The Dietz Press, Richmond

Tyree, Richard - March 1 : -.7.6 for load of wood furnished the New Kent Militia.

Tyree, James - Lt. in Continental Army.
Tyree, James - 1st Light Dragoons
Tyree, John, 1 and 10 CL, 6 CL, 10 CL, 14 CL
Tyree, John, MorganÕs Riflemen; died at hospital in Albany, Oct 20, 1777
Tyree, Richard - Inf. nbll
Tyree, William - Private, W.O., 5 CL, E.
Tyrie, James, 2nd Lieut. 1st Continental Artillery, April 23, 1778; resigned Oct. 8, 1778. Also spelled Tyree
(CL proceeded by numeral were 15 Virginia regiments in Continental Line.
nbll - name appeared on army roster but did not receive bounty land.)

The Tyree families listed herein are all from Virginia in one form or another. We have not found a link in these families.

Other families related by marriage from Lynchburg and other areas of Virginia include, Anderson, Bransford, Roane, Douglas, Walton, Younger, Hart, Terrell, Ammonett, Guthrie, Glass, Carter, Christian, Isbell, Cauthorn, Patteson, and Patterson,

The Richard C. Tyree Family


First Generation
1. (Richard?) TYREE.

The following information is found in 15.

First Census of VA, New Kent County
1782 Richard Tyree, 7 white in the family and 13 black
1785 Census Richard Tyree 8 in the family 1 dwelling and 1 out building.

If this is in our line it means that this Tyree is Richard the father of Richard C(lay?) who is said to have been born in 1779 and moved to Lynchburg in 1800.

He married Wife 1. They had the following children:

2 i. Richard C. TYREE

He married Wife 2. They had at least the the following children who are half siblings to Richard C. Tyree:


A2 i. Richmond C. TYREE
A3 ii. Pleasant TYREE
A4 iii. Samuel TYREE


Second Generation

2. Richard C(lay?) TYREE. Born CIRCA 1779 15 in New Kent County, VA. Died 19 NOV 1852 in Lynchburg, Campbell, VA.

Richard Tyree came to Lynchburg, VA from New Kent Co. in 1800. He had a sister Mary who married a Mr. Sclater, and Three half brothers, Richmond, who married Jan 13, 1806 Polly Anderson, Pleasant who married Aug 30, 1810 Anderson, and Samuel who married Nov. 5, 1816 Elizabeth Anderson, daughters of William and Sarah (Early) Anderson of Campbell Co. Richard Tyree was a tobacconist and lived on the corner of Church and 12th Streets. (Mrs. Camillus Christian said when she was a small child her father often took her with him when he went to see his friend Richard Tyree and that he was a tall very aristocratic old gentleman and would take her out in his lovely rose garden and pick her flowers. I remember this rose garden on 12th Street in the back of Aunt Ann Lacy's. Aunt Ann inherited the home place.) [Ann Lacy is Anne Lynch Tyree who married Moses Lacy in 1835.]

Richard was very well off when he died 13

[Copy supplied by Dana Tyree, Lynchburg, VA]
"Richard Tyree has my approbation to obtain license for Entermarriage with my Daughter Mildred. Achilles Douglas, 12 mo. 31st, 1805"
Clerk of Campbell
Test John Lynch, Jr. and Charles Arthur

[Copy supplied by Dana Tyree, Lynchburg, VA]
Know all men by these presents that we Richard Tyree & John Lynch Junr. are held & firmly bound to William H. Cabell Esq. Governor of the State of Virginia in the sum of one hundred & fifty Dollars to which payment well & truly to be made to the said Governor or his successors we bind ourselves our heirs & our assigns jointly & severally firmly by these presents sealed & dated this 31st day of December 1805. The Conviction of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be had Solomnized? between the above bound Richard Tyree & Mildred Douglas of this county. If therefore there be no legal cause to obstruct the same then the above obligation to be void.
Witness A. Austin

Signed Richard Tyree
John Lynch, Jr.

Deed Book A, page 99, Lynchburg, VA, June 1808
Richard Tyree from John & Mary Lynch, for £95, a lot know as 104, corner 3rd St. and 6th Alley.

He was inspector of Tobacco at Liberty Warehouse 1811-181314

October 24, 1814, deed for 2 lots from John and Mary Lynch.

Deed Book G, p. 12, August 25, 1820.
Lot 221 on 5th st.

He married Mildred Young DOUGLAS, daughter of Achilles DOUGLAS & Elizabeth TERRELL, 4 JAN 1806 in Campbell County, VA. Born 18 AUG 1785 
15 in Campbell Co., VA. Died 27 JUL 1859 in Lynchburg, VA.

When Mildred Young Douglas b. 1785 married Richard Tyree she was disowned for marrying out of the meeting but latter records show she was readmitted.
(See Lynchburg, The Most Important Place.)

They had the following children:


3 i. John Henley TYREE
4 ii. Achilles Douglas TYREE
5 iii. Elizabeth Douglas TYREE
6 iv. Sarah (Sallie) Johnson TYREE
7 v. Richard TYREE
8 vi. Anne Lynch TYREE
9 vii. Judith Ellen TYREE
10 viii. William Davis Reid TYREE
11 ix. Samuel TYREE
12 x. Mildred Douglas TYREE


A2. Richmond C. TYREE. 14.

He married Mary ANDERSON, daughter of Jacob ANDERSON & Mary CALLAWAY, 180614. Born 14.

A3. Pleasant TYREE. 14.

He married Matilda ANDERSON, daughter of Jacob ANDERSON & Mary CALLAWAY, 1810 14.

A4. Samuel TYREE. 14.

He married Elizabeth ANDERSON, daughter of Jacob ANDERSON & Mary CALLAWAY, 1816 14.


Third Generation

3. John Henley TYREE. Born 15 SEP 1806 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 9 FEB 1876 in Lynchburg, VA.

He was a successful tobacconist of Lynchburg. He built the beautiful old place Tyreeanna about three miles below Lynchburg on the James River and named it for himself and his wife.15

From obituary of Mrs. Rosa Kent (Tyree) Gregory, 14 MAR 1899.
Mrs. Gregory was the daughter of the late John H. Tyree, in his day a prominent citizen who owned the estate known as Tyreeanna, a few miles southeast of the city. She was born in Lynchburg fifty-one years ago, but spent most of her early life at her father's picturesque country home, which lies upon an elevated plateau facing the James. 13

Tyreeanna was fortified during the war and remains unchanged except for large growth of trees. General Hunter went to Tyreeanna after being repulsed at Fort Hill. John H. Tyree appeared in town to show a cane figure of a woman encrusted with jewels. Winnie Doggett, a slave at Tyreeanna came back and didn't want to be free.15

All of the following is from a booklet produced during 1957 to mark the end of the first century of the congregation of the Tyreeanna Methodist Church. Included are pictures of the 1857 church, the 1957 church, four of the school superintendents, John Henly Tyree, and Anna Phoebe Tyree.

Original Deed
(As recorded in clerk's office Rustburg)

This deed made this 18th day of October in the year of Our Lord Eighteen hundred and Seventy-five, 1875, between John H. Tyree and Anna P. Tyree, his wife, of the first part, and John W. Bransford, M. Chambers, John B. Winfree, Richard Pollard, James S. Yeatman, William A. Camden, John H. Tyree and Walter P. Tyree, trustees, as herein after set forth, of the second part, whereas for many years past religious worship has been conducted on the land of the said John H. Tyree, Campbell County, at the place known as Tyreeanna Chappel,(sic) and whereas the said John H. Tyree is desirous of stimulating and encouraging conduct of religious worship at the said place, Now this deed, witnesseth that for and in consideration of the premises and in further consideration of the sum of five dollars in hand, paid to the said John H. Tyree and Anna P. Tyree do give, grant, bargained and sold unto the said trustees, the lot of ground upon which the said Tyreeanna Chappel (sic) is situated, supposed to contain one acre, more or less, it being a portion of the tract of land upon the said Tyree and his wife reside in Campbell County, to have and to hold the same to them and to their successors upon the following trust, to wit; that the said lot of ground shall be held and be used for the purpose of conducting religious worship, under the auspices of the M.E. Church, South. And it is further stipulated that when the said lot of ground shall cease to be used as a place of public worship, so shall be perverted to other uses incompatible with the idea of public worship, then the said lot of ground shall revert to John H. Tyree and his heirs. In addition to using the said lot of ground as a place of public worship, the said parties of the second part shall also permit the burial of the dead, except that none but white persons shall be interred in and upon the said lot of ground. Witness the following signatures and Seals.

John H. Tyree (Seal)
Anna P. Tyree (Seal)
Recorded in Deed Book, 38; Page 21. Clerks Office, Rustburg, Virginia, Campbell County.`

Since the days of the First Methodist Protestant Church of Lynchburg, Tyreeanna being the first to form from that organization, the Christian people which compose the small community have continued without interruption to worship God in the name of the church. Even when the original building was destroyed, not a Sunday passed without services being held.

Through the generosity of the late John H. Tyree and Anna P. Tyree, owners of the old Tyree Plantation, overlooking the James River, the land for the old and present church building was donated. Grateful to Mr. Tyree and his wife, the first board of trustees, appointed in 1875, named the church Tyreeanna. The strength and power of the church attracted other families to build in the small neighborhood, hence it also was named Tyreeanna.

Lynchburg News 9/12/1867
John H. Tyree's mill burned yesterday. Known as [Archibald] Duke's old mill. All machinery, 5,000 lbs. of bone dust belonging to R. H. Staten [canel boat owner]. Mill was rented by John Weightman. Fire set by incendiaryÉ
[Researcher Douglas Macleod]

He married Ann Phoebe BRANSFORD, daughter of Samuel BRANSFORD & Phoebe WALTON, 14 OCT 1828 in Lynchburg, VA. Born 15 FEB 1812 in Richmond, VA. Died 8 MAY 1876 15 in Lynchburg, VA. They had the following children:


13 i. Cora Virginia TYREE
14 ii. Marion Fisher TYREE
15 iii. Elizabeth Bailey TYREE
16 iv. Charles Hudson TYREE
17 v. John Richard TYREE
18 vi. Samuel Bransford TYREE
19 vii. Richard Clay TYREE
20 viii. Andrew Adams TYREE
21 ix. Rosa Kent TYREE
22 x. Walter Preston TYREE
23 xi. Anne Amonette TYREE


4. Achilles Douglas TYREE. Born 12 JUN 1808 13 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 27 FEB 1852.

He first married Mary DAVIS, daughter of William DAVIS , Jr., 16 OCT 1828 in South River Meeting.

He second married Martha Tisdale McKINNEY, 5 FEB 1835. Born 7 JAN 1818 13. Died MAR 1900. They had the following children:


24 i. Achilles Douglas TYREE, Jr.
25 ii. Samuel Joseph TYREE
26 iii. Thomas M. TYREE
27 iv. R. L. TYREE
28 v. Joseph S. TYREE
29 vi. Richard J. TYREE


5. Elizabeth Douglas TYREE. Born 10 DEC 1810 13 in Lynchburg, VA. Died 30 MAR 1895 in Richmond.

She married Moses Hurt PRESTON, son of Issac PRESTON & Sallie HURT, 2 OCT 1827.

6. Sarah (Sallie) Johnson TYREE. Born 1812 13. Died 10 SEP 1870.

She married Andrew C. ELLIOTT, 27 FEB 1834.

7. Richard TYREE. Born 24 FEB 1815. Died 26 NOV 1854.

Richard Tyree, Wise Troop Company B, Second Regiment Virginia Cavalry died 11 NOV 1862.15 This must be a different Richard.

8. Anne Lynch TYREE. Born 9 MAY 1817 13. Died 9 FEB 1891.

She married Moses LACY, 9 OCT 1835.

9. Judith Ellen TYREE. Born 1819 13.

She married Charles SIMPSON, 26 FEB 1849.

10. William Davis Reid TYREE. Born BEFORE 1823 13. Died 28 MAR 1889.

William David(s) Reed Tyree, Rifle Grays, Company A, Eleventh Regiment, Virginia Volunteers died 1889. 15

11. Samuel TYREE. Born 17 JAN 182313. Died JAN 1903.

He married Marion Fontaine Cabell HENRY, daughter of Captain Spotswood HENRY, 9 FEB 1843.


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