Perry Chase Tyree ("Pete")


Andy Tyree recalls The Orphans ...

Pete's first job after graduation was with an engineering firm in Wichita, Kansas. There he became part of a barber-shop quartet called the Orphans. And they became champions of the SPEBSQSA, at their 1954 Convention held in Washington, D. C.

One year later, 1955, the Convention was held in Miami. The Orphans participated, were on the program as retiring champions. Pete got us tickets. We all exulted in his triumph.

When you attend one of these conventions, you will suddenly hear a quartet holding forth in a hotel lobby -- or just about anywhere. For example, Pete brought his quartet out to visit us at our home in Miami Shores -- and they performed for us, to our delight, in our swimming pool. A fond, indelible memory.



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