Tyrees listed by early American County



As New Kent stretched ever more to the north, it spawned KING AND QUEEN COUNTY in 1691 which in turn spawned KING WILLIAM in 1701 which in turn spawned SPOTSYLANIA in 1720 and CAROLINE COUNTY in 1727, which in turn spawned ORANGE in 1734 which in turn spawned FREDERICK in 1738.


Census 1850:

John R. Jones 50, farmer
    Jane Tyree 29
    Cornelius Tyree 13
    Thomas Tyree 11
    Georgiana Tyree 9
    Wm. T. Tyree 7
    Lehal D. Tyree 5
    Weathy J. Tyree 2 (female)

James Tyree 64, BLACKS, Census p. #237
    Elizabeth Tyree 49
    Pickney Tyree 13 (male)
    Mary E. Tyree 12
    Blesora Tyree 9 (female)

Lindsay Tyree 44 (male), ditcher, BLACKS, Census p. #236
    Jane Tyree 13
    Curtis Tyree 7
    Randol Tyree 49
    Royal Tyree 23 (male)

Pleasant Tyree 50, farmer, BLACKS, Census p. #240
    Polly Tyree 47
    Joseph Tyree 21
    Franklin Tyree 30
    Eliza Tyree 20
    Nice A. Tyree 6/12 (female)

Agnes Tyree 33, BLACKS, Census p. #245
    James Tyree 15
    Samuel R. Freeman 30

John Tyree 35, Black, miller, Census p. #258

(In the Black community, Howard Tyree can be reached by e-mail at HTree1@aol.com. His family originated from Rocky Mount, Virginia and were slaves of Tyrees in that part of the country.)


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