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The following, found in ALBEMARLE COUNTY records:

John Tyree, Albemarle County, sold to James Williamson of Spotsylvania County for 16 pounds, 100A in St. George's Parish, part of a patent granted to John Smith Sept. 28, 1728 (which had been given Apr. 2, 1751 by Smith to his grandson John Tyre, who was probably the son of William Tyree who witnessed deed: try the book THE TYREE TRAIL).

Alexander Tyree m. Frankey Guines 4-22-1813.

From list of Albemarle County marriages:

Jonathan Tyre m. 10-21-1786 by Shedrick Battles to Usly Gowing (records of m. bonds 1780-1806) (B.C. Papers 1780-1787).

Winney Tyree m.10-9-1793 to Jesse Middlebrook, Bond by Jonathan Tyee; Winney gives her own written consent; wit.: Ann Thurmon and Mary Hackett, who confirm that Winney was b. Dec. 1771; wit.: Joseph Hicks and Thomas Shiflett (record of m. bonds 1780-1806) B.C. paper 1793-1798).

Nancy Tyree m. 1-6-1807 by min. Jacob Watts (who filed papers 1-18-1807) to John Brock, con. Thomas Farresly, guardian for both parties, B. Wm. Brock; wit.: Thomas C. Fletcher (B.C.papers 1800-1807).

James Tyree m. 12-21-1807 to Caty Gowen, B. Joshua Gowen (father of Caty) (marriage records 1806-1868, fol. 4) (B.C. papers 1800-07).

Milley Tyree con. Jonathan Tyree (father?) m. 1-5-1867 by min. Bemis Brown to William Brock; wit.: Joseph Hicks and Martin Tyree; also wit.: Nicholas Props, who affirms that Martin is over 21 (m. reg. 1806-1868, fol. 3) (B.C. papers 1800-1807).

Garrett Tyree m. 8-3-1829 by min. John Gibson, Sr. (who filed 8-11-1829) to Mary Barnett; Bond by Ira Garrett (m. reg. 1806-1862, fol. 43) (B.C. papers 1822-1829).

Frances Tyree m. 4-4-1831 by min. John S. Abell to Preston H. Scott; Bond by Jonathan Gowen who also affirms Frances is over 21; wit.: Ira Garrett (m. reg. 1806-1868, fol. 48) (B.C.papers 1829-1834).

Albemarle County Census 1850:


Elizabeth Tyree 55, MULATTO FAMILY, Census p. #186
    Ursula Tyree 35, 
    Frances Tyree 15
    Burton Tyree 12
    George Tyree 10
    Fanny Tyree 8
    Bazil Tyree 21
    Visiane Tyree 19
    Eliza Tyree 12
    Cynthia Tyree 18

Susan Tyree 45, MULATTO FAMILY, Census p. #237
    Malinda Tyree 26
    Mary Tyree 18
    Betsy Tyree 16
    Eliza Tyree 14
    Alexander Tyree 9

Mahala Tyree 22 (female) MULATTO, in household of John Hennie, Census p. #194

Ann Tyree 18, MULATTO, in household of David Hito, Census p. #264 George W. Tyree 12, MULATTO, in household of John W. Gross, farmer of $20,000, p. #170

Note to above: Margaret Tyree Green cautions that "mulatto" meant Indian mix for about 20 years in the records of Virginia. Negroes of any degree were all listed as "blacks".


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