Inez Buffington Ryan

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 Date:  Tue, Aug 22, 1995 9:13 EDT
 From:  AskNGS1
 Subj:  Inez Ryan
 To:    RTyree
 Thanks for contacting us regarding your cousin, Inez Ryan.  The following two
 National Geographic articles were written by Inez Buffington Ryan:
 "The Land of William the Conqueror,"  January 1932
 "The Maid of France Rides By,"  November 1932
 You may be able to see these articles in a library or private collection of
 the magazine.  Believe it or not, the January and November 1932 issues of the
 Geographic are still available from our headquarters, although the price is
 $15.00 each.  Should you be interested in ordering, credit card orders may be
 placed by calling 1-800-NGS-LINE.  A check or money order may be sent to:
 National Geographic Society, 1145 17th St., NW, Washington, DC 20036.  Please
 be sure to specify which issue(s) you are ordering.
 It was a pleasure to be of assistance.
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