Sarah Jane Tyre


Sarah was the oldest of the children of Andrew J. and Susan M. (Tribble) Tyre. Her first two sons were apparently born when she was unmarried. The first, Dabner Tyree, was born 25 Feb. 1878 in Arkansas when Sarah was just seventeen. He lived with Sarah's older half-brother, William Scott Tyre. The other son, John B. Tyre, was born 10 Mar. 1884 in Arkansas (possibly Fulton County). Around 1900 John lived with Sarah's half-brother, Nathan Tyre. Later Sarah married Jeff Collins, and they had a son, Joe Collins. Joe was born 22 Feb.1896 in Fulton County, Arkansas.

Sarah's oldest son, Marvin Dabner Tyre, married Lucy Lester on 12 Mar. 1903. He was twenty five and she was nineteen. Dabner and Lucy were both from the Reyno-Noland area of Randolph County. They had two boys, Homer (born in 1904), and Moran (born in 1909). Dabner died at the young age of 38 on 24 Dec. 1916. Evidently Lucy was also deceased because R. R. Roberts, the father-in-law of Nathan Tyre, was named the guardian of the two boys, Homer and Moran.

Sarah's second oldest son, Butler Tyre, married a woman by the name of Emma J. The following are buried in Yadkin Cemetery five and one-half miles North of Ravendon Springs, Arkansas in Randolph County: Hubert Tyree, son of Emma and Butler (born and died on 21 Nov. 1914); Wavy R. Tyree, Daughter of Emma and Butler Tyree (born 27 Aug. 1922 and died on 7 Feb. 1927); Dabner Tyree, brother Butler; and Butler Tyree, husband of Emma (died 11 Jan. 1936).

In 1939, perhaps when her husband died, Sarah went to live with her son (Joe Collins) at Tyronza, Arkansas. A small community southeast of Marked Tree, Arkansas, not far from the Mississippi River. In April of 1946 Sarah fell and broke her hip. She died a few days later of "old age and lack of medical care" on 14 April 1946. She was 85 years, 6 Months, and 10 days old. She was buried on 18 Apr. 1946 in Flint Cemetery, Wirth, Randolph Co, Arkansas. The last known address for Joe Collins was 1534 S. 5th St., Rockford, Illinois.

By Dan Tyree


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