William Tyree

Born circa 1748 in the British Isles
Died after 1782 in New Kent County, Virginia

Biographical notes by Elinor F. Tyree

One William Tyree SEEMS TO HAVE immigrated to Charles City County circa 1760 as the potential heir to his grandfather, William, who had died circa 1740. The inheritance was first maintained by one Francis Tyree, listed as "next friend" in the grandfather's estate appraisal. When Francis Tyree died circa 1754, the inheritance maintainence was continued by his family, which consisted of older Cooke step-sons and one young Tyree son, a second Francis Tyree. The heir, William, arrived and, while he awaited his property, he undertook an apprenticeship with the neighboring Dancy family (April Court 1760: "Indenture of feoffment William Tyree to Francis Dancy"), POSSIBLY as an innkeeper, and worked for a while at the Charles City County Court House in a clerical capacity; but by 1763 he was being registered for his over-due debts; he filed suit asking why he should not receive the estate of "his grandfather". In 1769 When Francis Tyree, Jr. died, the inheritance passed into the hands of Cooke's. Later that same year William and his wife Sarah sold a piece of property -- was he given a token part then? In 1773, the Cooke family acknowledged legally the independence of William's part of their property. He seems to have received the bulk of it in 1782 after which he removed to New Kent County (St.Peter's Parish) and took with him 9 slaves, 5 of whom had the same names as 5 of the 16 slaves named in his inheritance; he seems to have sold the last of his lands in Charles City County in 1790. In New Kent County, William Tyree held a license for "billiards" -- a common amusement for a tavern or inn. Over these years, William paid tithes on males who had become 16: William, Jr. in 1782, Will in 1787 (could this have meant Francis?), Richard F. in 1791, John in 1792. IT IS SAID William had 4 sons: William, Richard, John and Francis. In the Census of 1820, William Tyree, Sr. is listed in New Kent County (214), William Tyree, Jr. is listed in New Kent County (214), Francis Tyree is listed in New Kent County (213), John Tyree is listed in New Kent County (213) and Richard F. Tyree is listed in Greenbrier County (084).



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