Woodson Andrew Tyree

(August 18, 1837 - April 12, 1893)
"Woodson Andrew Tyree" is alternately referred to as "Andrew Woodson Tyree"

Biographical notes by Elinor F. Tyree

Andrew Woodson Tyree born 8/18/1837, died Woodson Andrew Tyree 4/12/1893; is buried at the old Tyree graveyard in Ansted, West Virginia. He was schooled in Roncevert, the Academy of Lewisburg, began the study of medicine with Dr. John J. Stites, Fayetteville, and enrolled in the University of Virginia School of Medicine; but his studies were interrupted by the Civil War when he enlisted in his father's 22nd Regiment as a 1st Lt.; he was critically wounded at the Battle of Droop Mountain and recommended for discharge but rejoined the fight as a 2nd Lt.; he was paroled from a prisoner of war encampment as a 1st Lt. 4/26/1865; on the Union's discriptive roll of prisoners his occupation was given as farmer, age 27, eyes blue, hair light, complexion dark, height 6' 2". He may then have studied for the ministry with one Reverend Cornelius Tyree serving Amwell, Fayette Co., who named in 1866 his own son Woodson Andrew; and when our Woodson re-enrolled in medicine at the University of Virginia he was listed as "minister". Graduated 6/29/1867, he accepted a call to practice (probably with a Dr. Baldwin) at Wapella, Ill. Here he met and married 4/11/1868 Mary Juana Houston (born 12/20/1851, died 1/4/1901, daughter of Rev. John Quincy Adams Houston). Again he accepted a call (from a friend Mr. Alexander; a Mr. Alexander had given him sanctuary during his recovery from Civil War wounds?) to practice in Beaumont, Texas in 1876. The coal boom in West Virginia brought him back home in a partnership with Dr. Dickinson 1881; they had an office at Hawk's Nest. In 1888 he opened his own office in Thurmond, West Virginia where he worked until he died.




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