The Children of Richard F. Tyree
(born circa 1774)

Reasons for selecting their birthdates ...

June 16, 1997

Several corrections went into my last e-mailed tree -- updated birthdates for the 9 children of Richard F. Tyree, for example -- with latest reasons for accepting them. I'm prepared to argue defensively for these dates (but hope I don't have to since the reasons are in my file drawer conglomerate).

Frank Tyree b. 4-12-1805 (from many sources)

William Tyree b. 11-22-1807 (from enough sources to over-ride contradictions)

Rebecca Tyree b. 11-1-1809 (according to quoters of the much mis-used Tyree Family Bible, she was born 11-1-1820; but restructuring of some of these dates was a logical necessity; using the Greenbrier Census of 1850, her birth year was changed to 1809 but her birth date was left at 11-1 simply because there was no better day offered).

John Tyree 7-19-1812/1813 (day quoted from Tyree Bible may have caused many repeaters to accept the 7-19; the 1812/1813 year leans heavily on the Census of 1880; but, if the Census taker came before July 19, the visit would justify the 1812 year; if he came after July 19, it would mean the birth year was 1813.

Mary Jane Tyree b. 9-25-1814 (according to the family Bible as quoted by Rev. Shirley Donnelly, who at one time owned and lived in the reconstructed Stone House and made Tyree genealogy a hobby; no other date suggestion found).

George H. Tyree b. 10-15-1816 (from the family Bible; since George lived in the suburbs of Ansted until 1881 and the Family Bible was kept in those last years of its existence by Willia Tyree Skaggs, the great niece of George who herself lived in Ansted, the record is most likely correct).

Samuel Tyree b. 9-25-1818 (from family Bible according to its quotation by Shirley Donnelly; other family Bible quotes differ but other recordings add or subtract to substantiate this date).

Sarah "Sallie" Tyree b. 11-28-1821 (used Nicholas County Census 1880 for year, used family Bible day as quoted by Donnelly because I could find no other).

Martha Catherine (sometimes called "Margaret") Tyree b. 3-2-1825 (ignoring family Bible which put her birth date 5 1/2 months after sister Mary Jane, and ignoring Fayette Census of 1880 which put her birth year at 1827; instead used date from Wills genealogy since she had married Dr. Joel Wills and his other family dates were shown to be correct by several sources).

Elinor F. Tyree 


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