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This Tyree Genealogy has been written by many Tyrees.  Through the years, family members have made lists and left writings of what they knew of their branches.  Through-out this writing, some of these contributors have been identified in capital leters.

Below are the downloadable files that represent the collection of geanological information lovingly compiled by Elinor Tyree (my Mother)

1 (Intro - Whole Collection) DOC6.DOC 
2 (Index - Other People's Tyrees) Doc4.doc 
3 (Other People's Tyrees 255PG ~949KB) TYREE-CD.DOC 
4 (Intro - Scotland File) DOC2.DOC 
5 (Scotland File) TYREE-A.DOC 
6 (Index for Immigrants) DOC3.DOC 
7 (Early Immigrants) TYREE-D.DOC 
8 (Work file to place places) COLONIES.DOC 
9 (Intro to Our Tyrees) DOC5.DOC 
10 (Our Tyrees 44PG ~186KB) TYREEUS.DOC (Write to Me)


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