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Dear Family,

These are the birth, death, and marriage notations included in the Tyree Family Bible, kept by Aunt Virginia all these years. This edition of the Bible was published in Philadelphia by A. J. Holman & Co. in 1875. Therefore all the entries must have been made after that date. The family notations are situated between the Old and New Testaments. Unfortunately, the text, though handwritten beautifully with flourishes, is occasionally illegible. When this occurs, I substitute a question mark. Aunt Virginia and I had to smile when we saw Pete Tyree's baby scribble on the fourth page, penned at age 22 months. Virginia tells me that Woodson had him do this for posterity.

First page is a certificate of Holy Matrimony:
"This is to certify that Andrew Woodson Tyree, M.D. of Virginia and Mary Juanna Houston of Lasalle Co., Illinois were by me united together in Holy Matrimony on the fourth day of November in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Eight in the presence of J. Q. Houston."

Second page is entitled "Marriages":
Elihu F. Carter & Rachel Ann Brown were married on the 8th day of August 1839.
? Q. A. Houston & Rachel Ann Carter were married on the 14th day of March 1844.
Tho B. Carter & Maria L. McGill were married on the 4th day of September 1864.
I. L. Sherwood & Louisa F. Houston were married May 1st 1866.
Woodson A. Tyree M. D. & Mary J. Houston were married on the 4th day of November 1868.
Andrew Thomas Tyree & Elinor Louise Falder were married at Goldsboro, Texas on October 29, 1939 at 4:30 pm by Wm. F. Tyree, father of Andrew Tyree.
Joanna Harvey Tyree-Neel was married to J. L. Neel July 16th 1933 at 9:30 am by her father Wm. F. Tyree, at the family residence, 5555 Ridgedale Avenue, Dallas, Texas, and died at the Methodist Hospital in Dallas at 10:08 am August 6, 1933, is buried in Lot 6, Block H of Restland Memorial Park, Dallas, Texas.

Third page is entitled "Births":
Sallie Virginia Tyree, born at Hamlin Texas on Aug. 30th 1936.
Helen Augusta Tyree was born Sept. 30th 1869.
William Fenton Tyree was born Oct. 8th 1872.
Eunice Virginia Tyree was born (Feby ?) 23rd 1874.
Paul Adlai Tyree was born Oct. 3rd 1876.
Inez Buffington Ryan born Feby (sic) 15th 189? (5?)
William Woodson Tyree was born 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, May 29 - 1900 at Clarksburg, W Va in parsonage of M. ? C. S. [Methodist ? Church South] Benjamin Houston Tyree was born March 2nd 1903 Monday a.m. 9:45, Pikeville, Ky
Joanna Harvey Tyree was born April 14th 1904 at Pikeville, Ky 7:30 a.m.
Clara Virginia Tyree was born at Pikeville, Ky July 19th 1906 at 7:30 a.m.
Andrew Woodson Tyree was born on the 18th day of August 18?7. (1837?)
Mary Juanna Houston was born on the 20 day of December 1851.
Clara Lilian (Gosling [crossed out]) Fithian was born on the 22nd day of September 1871 (1872 is pencilled in) Saturday in Westchester, Pa.

Fourth page is entitled "Deaths":
Andrew Woodston Tyree died April 12, 1893. Mary Juanna Houston Tyree died Jany (?) 4, 1901 at University Hospital (Columbian) Washington, DC Paul Adlai Tyree died April 28, 1901 in Parkersburg, W. Va. ------------------------------------------------------
Benjamin Houston Tyree and Helene Rose Cook were married December 21, 1929 by Wm. F. Tyree at Lawn, Taylor County, Texas
William F. Tyree died on December 18, 1939 at 3 am at St. Paul Sanatorium, Dallas, Texas
Helen Jacqueline Tyree, March 22, 1908 #812 Winchester Avenue, Ashland, Kentucky, 12:30 Midnight
William Fenton Tyree, Jr. December 23, 1912, 10:45 am
corner of 7th Avenue and Live Oak, Durant, Oklahoma
Andrew Thomas Tyree, born Feb. 2nd 1914 1:00 am corner of 16th and Cedar, Durant, Oklahoma
Perry Chase Tyree born October 3rd Ponca City ([after a baby scribble] His mark 22 mo.) Okla. 1926 1926 3:25 a.m. - The old Ponca Hospital on Grand Ave.

Fifth page is entitled "Memoranda":
George W. Ryan & Eunice V. Tyree. Dec. 7, 1893.
Wm. Fenton Tyree & Clara Lilian Gosling were married at Huntington, W. Va. April 19th 1899 in Johnson Memorial Church by Rev. B. F. Gosling.
Wm. Woodson Tyree & Ruth Chase were married at Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dec. 26, 1925 at her home by "Judge" Wm. F. Tyree 12 noon
Perry Chase Tyree, born at Ponca City, Oklahoma Oct. 3rd 1926 at 3:25 am.
Wm. Hagen Tyree, Ponca City, Okla. April 10th 1933 and Neel Woodson Tyree, Ponca City, Okla. Dec. 1, 1934.
Wm. O. Moon and Joanna Harvey Tyree married May 18 - 1926 at Sherman, Texas.
Raymond F. Miller and Helen Jacqueline Tyree married June 3rd, 1926 at Paris Texas.
Richard Tyree Miller, Born Feb. 5th 1929 Enid, Oklahoma 2:30 pm Mary Joanna Miller, Born June 4th 1932, San Antonio, Texas 12:20 am



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