Other (apparently unrelated) Tyrees


Elinor Tyree's contributions ...


"As I do research on our own line, I save any Tyree names I find and piece them together into family lists. The resulting quick and easy placement of a newly encountered Tyree can thus save me days of investigation. From this type of work, I have accumulated the following ..."

Elinor Tyree


John Clairborne Tyree born in 1763

Richard C. Tyree born in 1779

Satterwhite Tyree born in 1783


W. Preston Tyree's contributions ...


TYREE and Related Families in Lynchburg, VA: Richard Tyree Family


Peter Lenges' contribution ...


Nathan Tyre, born circa 1793, family moved from Virginia to Arkansas, later spelled their name "Tyree" [Lebanese Tyrees?]


What about Black Tyrees?


The African-American Connection


Other Tyrees indexed by early American County


If you want Elinor F. Tyree's most up to date work on "Other Tyrees" in its entirety (en-Tyree-ty), you can download by FTP her approximately 200 page long Microsoft Word document from Tom Tyree's web page.



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