Gone Visiting


from the Humorous Writings of William Fenton Tyree, Sr.
Compiled & Edited by C. Virginia Tyree
May, 1990

 My wife, she use' to grumble
 'Bout cookin' and the like;
 'Bout tendin' to the children,
 And sed she'uz goin' to strike,
 And kinda sinuated
 That I'uz a lazy Ike;
 And so rite soon one mornin'
 She took out down the pike.
 She went off to her mother's
 To take a little rest,
 And said, of all the places
 She knowd that was the best.
 She would'nt wash no dishes,
 No britches to be pressed
 An' life would be all sunshine
 With nothin' to molest.


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