The Side-liner


from the Humorous Writings of William Fenton Tyree, Sr.
Compiled & Edited by C. Virginia Tyree
May, 1990

 Men tell us how to row a boat,
 Who never saw the sea
 Or how to hive a stinging swarm
 Who never saw a bee.
 Men try to teach us how to sing
 Who never saw a staff
 Their awkward efforts only being
 A chuckle or a laugh.
 I pity those, who, standing by,
 Attempt to tell us how
 Who never dared attempt to try,
 And never will know how.
 These men who stand around and say,
 "He didn't do it right,"
 Who argue with you all the day,
 But never match a fight.
 I listen with profound respect
 To those who know the way
 But have no time to waste upon
 The critics round-de-lay.
 I like a man who "bucks the line"
 Or "takes it on the chin"
 Whose words are small, whose acts are fine
 Who's fighting hard to win.


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