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From: 	Jan Tyree,
To: 	Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
Date: 	Sun, Nov 19, 1995, 14:08

RE: 	Good Job!!

Hi there! Dave is in Australia this week, so I was first to view your 
wonderful page and it is great!! What a lot of work! ( I was particularly 
impressed with Sarah's icons). Keep up the good work! Love, Jan

John 3:16

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To: 	Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
Date: 	Sun, Nov 19, 1995, 15:32

RE: 	Message from Internet

The Web Page Looks Great!!!!!!!!

Keep it up, and I will send you some pictures and my URL next week some time.
til later
Daniel in Florida

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To: 	Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
Date: 	Mon, Nov 20, 1995, 19:13

RE: 	humor

O.K. wise guy. What's the big idea of making my name the target address for
humor? Is that supposed to be funny?


[Hence the dog house.  -- Robert]

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To: 	Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
Date: 	Tue, Nov 21, 1995, 9:21

RE: 	WWW - WOW - Tyree Web Page is up!


Great job with the Tyree Web Home Page and all the links.  That takes lots
and lots of work and you did it with a very pleasing result.  Everyone needs
to see this.

Sure, I found myself in the family reunion picture.

Your Bro
The American Flyer

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From: 	Fenton Miller,
To: 	Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
Date: 	Tue, Nov 21, 1995, 21:41

RE: 	Re: Tyree Web Page is up!


        I do believe you have out done yourself this time! What a great
Tyree Family Home Page! I just showed it to Carol and our 4 grandchildren
and pointed out that they famous people on the internet!

        Thanks from all of us,


>Dear Family,
>I have put together a Tyree family "home page" on the World Wide Web and placed
>it on America Online.  Since I am a member of AOL, they allow me to post Web
>material which is somewhere between 2 and 10 megabytes in size.  (I'm not
sure I
>fully understand their policy.)  In any event, what I have created is not even
>one megabyte in size.  I have used our family tree to create hypertext links to
>text by or about that family member.  Plus I have included photographs of
>ancestors and the group picture at the 1981 family reunion.  Hot E-mail links
>work within AOL, but I could not get them to work on Mosaic with my CompuServe
>connection.  Finally, I hot-linked five or six World Wide Web search engines
>onto the home page as an incentive for family members to use this page as their
>personal home page; with these search engine links, the page becomes a great
>springboard for exploring the Web.
>Come visit ... and help me work out the kinks ...
>You must capitalize "Home" in the above address; all other letters must be
>Happy Thanksgiving.
>-- Robert in Dayton
>P. S.  We live right outside of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and a sign in
>front of a local restaurant says "Bosnians eat free."

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From: 	David Tyree,
To: 	Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
Date: 	Tue, Dec 5, 1995, 4:50

RE: 	Nice work!

Hi Robert,

Thought I would just send you a quick message to let you know I sure like 
the "Tyree" home page you put together.  How did you do that?  Is it very 
hard?  I really like what you have done.  You certainly have worked hard to 
keep the family together using the internet as the source.  Thought I would 
also let you know that dad (Pete Tyree) now has his own email box.  He is 
very active on his laptop computer when he can get it away from mom.  In 
January, I will be going to Colorado and maybe going to help mom pick out 
her own computer.  It's getting tough fighting for "computer time".  I also 
have a business email address I check about three times a day.  It is  At this 
( address I am not that active.  It does have a 
direct link to the net where as the business address at afandpa only 
connects to compuserve a few times a day to exchange messages.  It's a 
little bit slower.

Well got to go.  Nice talking to you.  Again, I sure do like that Tyree Home 
Page!!  Nice Job!


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From: 	"Gerald W. Tyree",
To: 	Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
Date: 	Mon, Jan 1, 1996, 17:26

RE: 	Tyree History

Hello Bob

I am from the family of John Tyree 7-19-1811 to 2-13-1879 who was a 
brother of William Tyree 11-22-1807 to 7-29-1883 who was the grandfather 
of William Fenton Tyree who you mention in your home page.

I have some history on our side of the family, and some on yours that you 
may or may not have.

I was very surprised to find your page from a serch on the web.

Hope to hear form you soon.

Jerry  (Gerald W. Tyree)


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