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James Tyree (tax 1852-55)
John Tyree (Census 1850 b. 1798; Census 1860 b. 1798) had son Wm.W Tyree b. 1833 found Census 1860, also son John b. 1827 who had son Wm. A Tyree b. 1859
John R. Tyree (tax 1830-33; 1836-39; 1847-55)(Census 1860, b. 1827)
Larkin Francis Tyree (tax 1848-49; 1851-55)
William Tyree (tax 1853-55)
William A. Tyree (Census 1860, b. 1859 In list of John R. Tyree)
William W. Tyree (Census 1860 age 26, blacksmith, on above John's list) John b. 1776, m. Elizabeth; Wm. A. m. Ann Alleghany Co., but they lived in Bath Co.

Charles T. Tyree (Census 1850)
Emily A. Tyree appoints 1885 George W. Dodd guardian to her infants: Cornelius B., Howard and Lucy
Jacob Tyree tithe paid by Jacob Gibson 1783
Jacob Tyree 1783 Census 9 whts., 8 blks., 1 dwelling, 1 bldg.
Jacob Tyree (tax 1782-1801) (will prob. 9/21/1801; will 10-6-1796) "b.c. 1735"
Jacob Tyree, Jr. (tax 1786-87, 1802-1814) will 8-11-1844, prob. 4-19-1847
Jesse Tyree (tax 1786, 1791, 1794-98, 1800-06)
Jonathan L.Tyree (Census 1870; 1880)
John Tyree d. 10-29-1777 in Rev.; William was his heir.
John Tyree 1783 Census 3 whts. only
John Tyree (tax 1787, 1794, 1803-04, 1806-07)(m. 1804 Oct. 6, Susannah Ligon)
Joseph Tyree (tax 1803-07)
Nathan Tyree (tax 1782-83, 1792-1807, 1801-12) 1783 Census 5 whts. only
Reuben Tyree (tax 1794-97, 1801-07, 1814)(1768 received 68A)
Reuben Tyree (Census 1870, b. 1830)
Reuben Tyree, Sr. (tax 1786, 1791, 1794-98, 1800-06)
Reuen A. Tyree (m. 11-4-1843 Susannah Bryant'
Richard Tyree, father of Samuel 1843
William Tyree "son of Jacob who died 1801" (tax 1785-89, 1792-1807, 1809-12) bro. to Jacob, Jr., his children sold Jan. 1807 his land in Lexington Parish, his children Reuben, Nathan, Zechareah, Mary & Elizabeth Ligon)
William Tyree (Census 1850 age 31, b. Ireland)
William Daniel Tyree "b. 1872, son of Robert N. Tyree"
William Edward Tyree "b. 1866, son of Reuben"
William M. Tyree "b. 1867, son of Marshall Tyree"
William H. Tyree (b. 1833, son of John)
William H. Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1846, in Charles T. Tyree's list)
Willie R. Tyree "b. 1866, son of Lucas P. Tyree)
Willie Tyree (Census 1870, b. 1858, in list of Jonathan L. Tyree)
Walter H. Tyree "b. 1879, son of Charles J. Tyree, Jacob line"
Warner Tyree "b. 1837, son of John"
Zachariah Tyree (1765-1821) "Rev. soldier, son of Wm. Tyree who d.c. 1863" (Nelson County Census 1810 age 26/45) (tax 1798-1807, 1815-20), see Nelson Co., etc,
Zachariah Tyree (Census 1840 age 40/45; Census 1850 age 63; Census 1860 50/60; Census 1870 is listed with Reuben Tyree who was b. 1830)

Littleberry Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1808)
William Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1836, in Littleberry's list)
William C. Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1847 in Nancy Tyree's b. 1810 list, widow of Wm., d. 1849)

John Tyree (tax 1800-02, 1809-14)
Larkin F. Tyree (Census 1860, b. 1823) son of John R, Tyree b. 1798, father to Wm. b. 1856
William Tyree (tax 1793-97)
William Tyree (Census 1870 age 53, b. Bath Co.)
William Tyree (Census 1860, b. 1856, in Larkin F. Tyree's list
William A. Tyree (Census 1850 age 45, single, farmer, b. Bath Co., son of John b. 1779 and Elizabeth, Ann E. Anderson listed in household then 21, born Augusta; Census 1860 Wm. age 50 with wife Ann) (1857 m. at Healing Springs, Alleghany Co.)

William Tyree 1796 of Prince Edward Co. bought 538A of John Smith, Jr.; 1811 made a deed of gift to his dau Anna Harvey, wife of John Harvey 168A on Waters of Louse Creek, also to his first son Flanders Tyree 118A on Waters of Louse Creek "dividing ridge between Louse Creek and Turnip Creek; 1812 sold 150A to his son Wm., Jr. on head of Little Louse Creek and sold 100A to how son Benjamin at head of Little Louse Creek, Louse Creek flows into Cub Creek in Appomattox Quad.)

John Tyree (imm. with 2 bros. to New Kent but served Revolution from Bedford)
John Clairborne Tyree (b. 1763, to Franklin Co. 1786)

John Tyree (tax 1805-14 Sam Patterson's list)(1815 taxed for 115A on Randolph's Creek, 20 mi. e. of Buckingham)
George Tyree (tax 1804, 1836-50)
Littleberry Tyree (tax 1829-30)
NicholasTyree (tax 1809, 1811-13, 1815-23, 1825-30)
Roland Tyree (tax 1812-13, 1815-22, 1824-25, 1829-30)
William Tyree (tax 1811-1813, 1818-30)
William M. Tyree (tax 1829-1830)
Zachariah Tyree (tax 1811-13)

William Tyree (tax 1821)
Zachariah Tyree (tax 1824)

John Henley Tyree (Census 1806)
Richard Tyree (Census ////)
Walter I. Tyree (Census 1850)
Walter Preston Tyree (Census 1850)

Washington Tyree (tax 1820)

Catherine Tyree has bastard child 1762
Daniel Tyres (1653 headright of Abram Wood, his patent on south of Appomattox River)
Francis Tyree (1754 will probated; 1738 took deed from Wm. Brown; 1740 exor. of Wm. Tyree; 1741 appt. overseer of road in repair)
Francis Tyree (1769, William Tyree, Benj. Goodrich and Mary his wife, Edward Finch and Susannah his wife, are summoned to show cause why the will of Francis Tyree should not be recorded)(will dated 1767; legatee, Mary, mother of Edward Cooke)(presented to grand jury for not keeping passage over his mill dam 1743; petitions for bridge 1747; also discharged as road surveyor 1; his deed to Francis Dufy 300A Westover Parish, Moyer's Mill Creek)
Henry Tyree (1660 Howell Price proved by testimony right to 1550A of headrights transport of whom Henry was one.
John Tirrey, Gent. (1649 born in London; 1700 died at farm known as Church of Pastures became part of Brandon Estate, area now in Prince George Co, tombstone bearing arms still standing alongside is the tomb of Mrs. Dorothy Tooker, late relict; she died 12 Dec. 1725)
John Tyree (1807 1 wht. over 16, 1808 no books; 1809 1 wht, 1blk. 1 horse; 1810 1 wht., 3 blks., 1 horse)
Thomas Tyree is sued 1762
William Tyree (1729 takes 225A, the brick house land patent of highland, swamp & marsh, known by name of Brick House Tract; also took 1729 Pease Hill)
William Tyree (1769 sells with John Wayles of Westover Parish 150A North Fork of Old Tree Run; Wayles was mortgagee only to Abram Brown for 96 pounds; Sarah, wife of William releases dower 1769)(Wm is grandson of Wm. and sues for his part of land 1756; Francis his next friend? 1753; 1755 oath as undersheriff; constble 1759; 1762 keeps ordinary at Ballard's Ordinary; employed in County clerk's office 1769)
William Tyree (land tax 1782, 219A; also personal tax)
William Tyree, Dr. (1764 in acct. with James Ladd)

William Tyree "m. Elizabeth Prise 1776", "also of Shannandoah and Bath Cos."

Edward Tyree (tax 1841-49)
Francis Tyree (tax 1831-50)
George Tyree (Census 1860) "b. 1816"
John Tyree (tax 1835-44)
Richard Tyree (tax 1839, 1841, 1849)
Richard F. Tyree (Census 1860)
Samuel Tyree (tax 1837-39, 1845-50)
Satterwhite Tyree (tax 1834-49)
Walter I. Tyree (Census 1860) "b. 1850"
William Tyree (Census 1860; 2nd wife Sallie Campbell McClung b. Feb. 14, 1815 dau Andrew McClung 1773-1817 and Jane Jean Dean 1782-???? dau John Dean)(d. intestate; G. W. Imboden received administration of estate)

George W. Tyree (Census 1860)
William B. Tyree "b. 1802" (m. Permelia Woody 1832, Elizabeth F. Overfelt 1866, Mary Jane Hodges 1870)
William S. Tyree (Census b. 1856, in George W. Tyree's list)
William Smith Tyree (Census 1880)(1878 m. Nannie Mildren Hunt; 1891 m. Alwilda Va. Law)

Charles Cleveland Tyree 1883-1965 b. near Willimsburg, Greenbrier, W.Va., son of John Andrew Tyree 1835-???? and Charlotte Scudder 1844-????
John Tyree (tax 1812-13)
John A. Tyree (Census 1880, b. 1821)
Richard F. Tyree (tax 1799-1807, 1809-34)
Samuel Tyree (tax 1842)
William P. B. Tyree (Census 1870, b. 1870, in list of John A. Tyree)

Benjamin Tyree (1725 contracted to teach James Canute to weave)
Benjamin Tyree (1763 and 1767 Censuses)
Benjamin Tyree (1784 deceased, exor. John Richardson sells to Wm. Boby Winston 128A Totopotoman which was bequeathed to Ben. by his fahter David)
Benjamin Tyree (1788 tax, with 1 horse)(1771-1855)
Benjamin Tyree (tax 1827, 1837-40)(1802-1886 Benjamin Tyree lived at "Solitude" in his old age adjoining Joseph Tyree's land)
David Tyree (1720 to clear roads)(w. Elizabeth; son Wm. takes 200A Henrico 1752)
David Tyree (1819-1896)
Elizabeth Tyree (1763 for support of her son)
Isham Tyree "b. 1771" (tax 1793-95 on John Priddy list; 1815 1 slave, 3 horses)
Isham R. Tyree (tax 1815) (War service 1813-14)
James Tyree (tax 1789 on John Priddy's list, not eligible for pole tax)
John Tyree (tax 1839-40)
Jones Tyree (1791 wht. tithe ove 16 with 1 horse, 1 slave; 1811-1813 2 wht. tithes 1814 3 wht. tithes;1815 1 slave; 1793 70 1/2 A from Susanna Browning thru 1819 s. of church; 1820 10A to Benj. A. Timberlake, then 65 1/2 til 1823 Jones Tyree's estate taxed in name of Susannah Tyree)(1792 141A taxed in name of Susanna Browning, believed to be mother of Susannah who m. Jones, in 1793 those 141 were divided and taxed 70 1/2 to each of John Browning bro.? and 70 1/2 Jones Tyree husband of Susannah)
Joseph Tyree (1803-1857 buried Cherry Hill)
Joseph Tyree (tax 1790-1840) (land tax 1801-1839)
Joseph Tyree, Jr. (tax 1831, 1834-36)(1836 bought 280A from Peter Master adjacent Macon's Mill)
Joseph Tyree (1868 and wife Elizabeth G. Tyree sold 162 3/4 A on New Bridge Road called Cherry Hill)
Richard Tyree of St. Peter's Parish, James City Co., buys 1734, 200A for 60 pounds from Rather of St. Pauls Parish, Hanover; David Tyree signed as witness; 1755 took 509A)
Richardsen Tyree (tax 1795-97)
Satterwhite (tax 1785-98)
Sarah Tyree (Census 1782 9 whts., 7 blks.)
Thomas Tyree (tax 1794-95)
William Tyree "son of David and Elizabeth of Hanover" (1752, 200A in Henrico)
William Tyree (tax 1797-1830)

Cyrus Tyree (b. New Kent 1801, moved to N.C. 1825 and married Emily Pitts; later to Tenn.)
Dr. Francis Decatur Tyree (b. Ringwood, Halifax, 1826; d. Tenn)

David Tyree (1784 bought 128A)(tax 1733-39)(well after 1732 when Henry Stokes bought Upham Brook 1036A of on fork between Chickahominy Swamp and Upham Brook, Henry sold to David Tyree)
James Tyree to William Tyree (deed 1763)
Joseph Tyree, Jr. (tax 1832-33)
Robert F. Tyree 1842-1862, son of Rebecca G. Tyre, 1860 filed with Wm. F. Tyree age 17 was clerk in a grocery store, 1861 enlisted Kemper Brigade lst Va. Reb. Pvt., killed Battle of & Pines, sone of Wm. Tyree and Rebecca G. Taylor (dau. Clemens Taylor of New Kent and James City Co.)
Samuel Tyree (1786 received estate 128A +15 negroes sold to Benjamin Tyree)
Thomas Tyree (tax 1799-183)
William Tyree (tax 1813-14, 1819-20, 1822)

Emett Washington Tyree "b. 1886"

William Tyree (tax 1801-02, 1806-07)
William Tyree "b. 1827" (tax 1844-50)(m. Susan Goff 1846)(Census 1850 age 33, w. Susanna)(1875 Kanawha deed from Joseph Goff but Wm. now in Putnam Co.)

David Tyree (tax 1806, 1809-10, 1812-13) "to Scot County" "b. N.C. c. 1786)

Thomas Tyree (tax 1834)

Alexander Tyree (Census 1870, 1825)
Charles A. Tyree (m. 4-41901 Charlie Belle Snodgrass at Massie's Mill)
Ellen Tyree (b. 1844)
James Tyee (b. 1848)
Jesse Tyree (Census 1850 , b. 1801)
John L. Tyree (b. 1806, m. Sally)
Louis Tyree (b. 1840)
Mary Tyree (b. 1836)
Marshall Tyree (b. 1835)
Reuben A. Tyree (Census 1860)
Robert Tyree (b. 1837)
Sarah Tyree (b. 1841)
William Tyree (Census 1810, was over 45)
William Tyree (Census 1860, b. 1852, in Reuben A. Tyree's list)
William A. Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1840, in Jesse Tyree's list)
William A. Tyree (Census 1850 age 25, carpenter, w. Sallie; Census 1860 age 36, w. Sarah)
William H. Tyree "b. 1865, son of Robert Tyree"
Willie Tyree (Census 1870, b. 1860, in Alexander Tyree's list)

Alexander Tyree (210 A on 1704 tax roll)
Alexander Tyree & James (313A which became Tyree plantation on Rockahock Path 1662)
David Tyree (and other titheables of Mrs. Mary Anderson, including Micheal Satterwhite called to clear road 1709, again 1720)
Francis Tyree (b. 1783, 11-2; m. Mary Taylor, dau. of Richard 11-3-1795; d. Richmond 8-29-1823; Mary b. 1778 while family living Richmond)
James Tyree (d. New Kent 1-3-1785)
James Tyree (150A on 1794 tax roll)
Richard Tyree (1734 St. Peters Parish land bought from Samuel Ruther; 1755 bought 905A and 284A)
Richard Tyree (of N.K. moved to Campbell Co., 1800; lived Lynchburg 1808)
Thomas Tyree (190A on 1794 tax roll)
William Tyree "St. Peters' Parish" (1791 Richard Tyree as tithe, 1792 John Tyree, 1793 Fleming)

William Tyree (1738 bounty on one young wolf head)

David Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1807)
William Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1850, in David Tyree's list)

William Tyree (1883 took 82 1/4 A on Pocatalco, recorded Kanawha Co.)

David Tyree (1787 tax, a horse and 2 cows)
Matilda Ballard, Tyree (b. 5-10-1747 to John Edmond Ballard and Margaret Clere, dau. of Francis Clere of Manakintown)
William Tyree (1752-1833) "Rev. service, m. Sarah Zachary, from Prince Edward County to Smith County, Tenn. 1817", d. 1833

Edward Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1821)
William P. Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1844, in Edward Tyree's list)

Thomas H. Tyree (Census 1880, b. 1821)
William A. Tyree (Census 1880, b. 1865)

Bretarm Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1838, in David Tyree's list who was b. 1786)
Britton Tyree (tax 1855)
David Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1840, in Jesse Tyree's list)
David Tyree (tax 1815-53)(Census1820, 30, 40, 50, age 64) "from Lee Co., b. N. C."
Freeman Tyree (Census 1860, b. 1860, in list of Wm. Tyree, b. 1840)
Green Berry Houston Tyree "b. 1851, m. Boyd Co., father of Amos Tyree)
Jesse Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1818)
William Tyree (Census 1850, b. 1844, in Jesse Tyree's list)
William Tyree (Census 1850 age 39, w. Lucy) "prob. son of David", (1832 inference marriage William Tyree b. 1811 and Lucy Osborne b. 1811, dau. of Eleanor Osborne)(580A 1840)

John Price, Sr. will 1784, wife Sarah, son Edward to take care of his mother, 120A, 2 younger sons to live there or bound out ?Sampson & Zacheriah? my well son Thomas Price, son John 100A where he now lives, younger dau Ann, witnesses Willima (X) Tyree, Joeph Fawcett, Solomon Ryan, William (X) Tyree witness with Thomas (X) Price to Edward (X) Price will d. 1787 mentions bro. Zacheriah; Wm. Tyree from Bath Co. m. Elizabeth Price 1776 in Dunmore Co.

John Tyree "grandson of John Smith receives deed"; John "now of Albermarle" sold 1751)
William Tyree "witness 1734 to above deed"

John Sergeant "weaver" (will 1701)

Alexander Tyree (purchased land Dec. 27, 1655, also Oct. 20, 1656; 1659 a court for York County ordered Dickerson payment to Edward Wade and Alexander Tyree 50 pounds of tobacco for viewing ye fence in difference between her and Wm. Musgrove and attending two day's court)
Henry Tyree (1803 tax)(son of Dickie Tyree and Fannie Hillard of New Kent, b. c.1773)
James Tyree (m. Matilda Ballard May 5, 1768)
James Tyree (1772 an infant orphan of James Tyree, dec'd, made choice of Wm. Mitchell for his guardian and entered acknowledged band with Stephen Mitchell for security)(1772 put himself to apprenticeship with Edmond Dickenson of Williamsburg, cabinet maker, for 5 years)(b.c. 1756)(1785 is chosen by mulatto Francis Hern to learn his trade)(James d. between Mar. & Apr. 1786, will York Co., widow Sianna
Dr. James Tyree (1755 exors. with Mr. John Gibbons for will of Bailey Green)

James Tyre inherited 500A Uncle John Bowles 1675, St. Mary's Co., Md.; m. Elizbeth Parker 1675, dau Elizabeth Parker Young; m. Rebecca Bowles 1786 Charles Co., Md.
Thomas Tyer given land Baltimore Hundred in original Land Titles in Dela. Duke of York record 1646-1679

Andrew Tiry (b. 1775 or earlier from Census of 1820)

Franklin Tyree (1836, he was one of Joseph Tyree's (d. 1831) heirs)

Benjamin Tyre, Tiry (1842 m. Carline Carter)

Elbridge Tyree (bible recording says b. 1827, a son of Satterwhite)

Benjamin F. Tyree (his wife was Emma E. Vigas, dau. Darius L. Vigas, dec'd)
Jones Tyree (Census says b. 1795)

Benjamin Tirey (1822 m. Elizabeth Brodwick, widow.)
Daniel Tyree 1820 Census over 45 with 3 children, was in Russel Co., Va. 1811-12 Census over 16

Andrew Tyree (bought 38A on Paint Creek, Burwell Embry's Line 1820, was between 26-45 years and had a wife and dau. under 10 years old)
Andrew Tyree (1856 m. Mary Murphy)

Andrew Tyree (1850 Census, age 6 years, son of Anderson Tyree)

David Tiery, Tyre (b. 1786 in Wilkes Co.; tax Lee County 1806, 1809-1810, 1812-13; Scot County, Va. Census 1820 was 26-45, Scott Co., Va. Census 1850 was 64; he named a son Patterson -- Benjamin Tyree and Sarah Richardson had a son named Patterson ?David's bro.)



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