Tyree "Braveheart" Pilgrimage!

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From: Robert & Mary Tyree, 71151,2020
To: Tyrees
Date: Sat, Nov 9, 1996, 0:13

RE: Tyree "Braveheart" Pilgrimage!

Dear Family,

In June of 1996 Margaret Tyree Green visited Scotland and toured "Drumkilbo House" ... which actually may be more like a castle. It even has a dungeon! She took many pictures. I'll try to upload something to the web site.

In any event, she has forwarded to us a letter which appears to offer to Tyrees everywhere a rather unusual vacation opportunity. The letter, immediately below, speaks for itself. A quote from my mother's genealogy notes, just below the letter, explains the relation of Drumkilbo to the Tyree family.

Robert F. Tyree
Dayton, Ohio

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Suite 13, 22 Market Place, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 1AW

Date: 29th August 1996

Mrs. Margaret Tyree Green
Route 1, Box 130
Kilmarnock, Virginia 22482

Dear Mrs. Green,

I thought you would like to know that one of the cottages at Drumkilbo has been newly redecorated and refurbished to offer weekly rentals to vacationers. Formerly known as Gardeners Cottage (where the Head Gardener lived), it has been renamed Braveheart Cottage.

The cottage has two bedrooms with private bathrooms (one with a shower and one with a tub), a roomy living room with natural effect fire and a fully equipped kitchen. It is already proving popular with English visitors coming to Scotland for the golf, sightseeing and outdoor sports. Other amenities include a colour television, washing machine/dryer and telephone.

Remembering how many Tyrees you said there were in Virginia, I thought that this might provide a very special vacation for someone. Needless to say, I would be very pleased to show them Drumkilbo House. For further inquiries, please contact James Duncan at Drumkilbo (44 1828 640445). The weekly rate is $800 including gas and electricity.


Best regards,

Geoffrey C. Bunting


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Elinor Tyree's note:

"It is worthy of note that the Tyries allied themselves in marriage, diplomacy and war with the three great Highland houses, or "families," of Athole, Gordon, and Ogilvy. Tradition emphatically says that the Tyries (of which we are a branch) forfeited "for their principles" much property in the north or northeast of Scotland. No doubt they espoused the Jacobite cause and their religion to the death, and their lives exhibited much of that romantic and chivalrous spirit which is now fast falling into decay in the Scot's nature. ... Drumkilbo was in the possession [of the Tyrie family] 'till about [1700]."



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