Life with Houston

Father's Day 1964

Life with Houston

The atmosphere is calm like the eye of a hurricane. I wonder what is coming next - whatever it is Houston will usher it in. Perhaps just this once he will not attempt to put spirit into the gathering but will endure dullness if that is the way things go. Will he lead up quietly or jet in with the supersonic boom? I am never able to work out a signal for he is lost in plans and I can't get through with a "watch it." The moment is here and nervously I feel the invisible curtain rising, deliberately he commands attention, quickly we go from the Eye into the Storm and all at once it's just a breezy blow, everyone is having a jolly time, the mood has been set. I anticipate the fun, relax and beam inwardly with love for I know his greatness.

The Understanding Wife,
I think.


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