Moravian Christmas Cookies


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     MRS. WM. F. TYREE
     5555 Ridgedale Ave.,
     Dallas,   Texas,


     General Electric Circle Recipe Contest.

                     MORAVIAN CHRISTMAS CAKES

        Recipe                                   Method

1 Quart Sorghum Molasses         )   Melt lard and butter, molass-
1 Pint Melted Lard and Butter    (   es and brown sugar till well
1 Pint Brown Sugar               )   incorporated;  add spices,
1 Tablespoon Ground Cinnamon     (   then soda dissolved in hot wat-
1 Tablespoon Ground Cloves       )   er.  Stir in flour till too
1 Tablespoon Ground Ginger       (   stiff to stir.  Then, on bake-
1 Tablespoon Ground Allspice     )   board, work in flour till no
1 Tablespoon Ground Nutmeg       (   more can be worked in, making
1 Tablespoon Ground Mace         )   a lovely, smooth dough.  Roll
1 Teaspoon Soda dissolved in     (   very thin, cut with plain,
     little hot water (about     )   fancy or animal cutters.
     2 tablespoons)              (
Flour to make stiff smooth dough )   Bake in quick oven.

          Cookies will keep a long time and can be crisped
          in oven if damp weather affects them.

          The dough, placed in General Electric refrigerator
          or other cold place, will keep for weeks and is
          better than when first made.  Cakes may be baked
          fresh as wanted.


          The above is the authentic recipe for real Moravian
     Christmas Cakes as made at Salem Academy, a Moravian board-
     ing school for girls, now Salem College, Winston-Salem,
     North Carolina, for more than one hundred and fifty years,
     and I personally obtained this recipe from Mrs. Carmichael,
     who was the stewardess when I attended the school in 1894.
     It is an old Salem custom to make and give these cakes to
     the girls remaining in the school at Christmas time, and I
     have made them for my own family for the past thirty-eight


March 9, 1932


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