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The following names were found in HANOVER COUNTY records -- where many settlers had found early-on their way into this inland area through the back door of the York River, its small tributaries and swamps:

1720 David Tyree and Michael Satterwhite, young tithers from Half Sink, a plantation in New Kent County, St. PaulÕs Parish, were called to clear roads in York County. Their families were said to have moved at the same time to Hanover County; several Tyree sons were to bear the given name of Satterwhite over the years. In 1731, David Òa weaver of Winston Mill SwampÓ bought land in Hanover County, St. PaulÕs Parish, known as GrahamÕs, on south side of Totoponomy River, next to Winston Mill Swamp. In 1732 David bought from Henry Stokes the fork between the Chickahominy and Upham Brook; the 1036A had been sold to Henry 4-23-1681 by Mrs. Francis Izard. In 1734 David Tyree, ÒfatherÓ, was witness to land sale to Richard Tyree, St. Paul's Parish. Aug. 1, 1747 David Tyree bought 200A in Henrico County from Henry Stokes on north side of Upham Brook, a branch of the Chickahominy Swamp. In 1763 DavidÕs widow, Elizabeth, was given pmt. for support of her son; she also processed land in 1764.

Richard Tyree of James City County with his wife Mary bought 200A in Hanover County, St. PeterÕs Parish in 1734. On Jan. 4, 1734 Richard Tyree of St. PeterÕs Parish, New Kent County, took land sold by Samuel (X) Ruther of St. PaulÕs Parish, precinct #5, James City Co. In 1734 Daniel Tyree was witness on land sale to Richard Tyree, St. PaulÕs Parish (witness a brother? more likely an uncle? -- but does the use of the name Daniel Tyree suggest a relationship with the Daniel Tyree imported to Charles City County by Major Abraham Wood in 1663? -- see Chap. II, p. 5). On 9-10-1755 Richard Tyree took 509A, 225 of them formerly granted Thomas Rolfe, 204 never before granted.

James Tyree b. c. 1725 Henrico, bought, Aug. 3, 1752, 113A on branches of Chickahominy Swamp from David Whitlock, adjacent to his fatherÕs 200A. James sold his share of 113A inheritance to his bro., William of Henrico County, Aug. 31, 1767 and moved to Blissland Parish. The 1767 sale was witnessed by Izard Bacon and N. Wilkinson. Some years later (1797) Jones Tyree made deposition (answering questions about the boundary of subject property) that he lived with Izard Bacon 1790-1791 and said he remembered a marked oak no longer standing.

Francis Tyree was listed 1787 Blissland Parish as son of James; he. died in 1809 Blissland Parish (see New Kent County).

William Tyree bought 113A from David Whitlock, being 1/4 of 454A that David Whitlock had purchased from Wm. Bacon. William inherited his fatherÕs 200A, which he sold (his wife Elizabeth releasing her dower) Oct. 2, 1752 to Edmond Bosman. Oct. 2, 1752 Elizabeth Tyree, wife of William, relinquished her right to dower on 200A in Henrico County on north side of Upham Brook.


1725 Benjamin Tyre of Blissland Parish, Hanover Co., contracted to teach James Curnute to knit and weave Ò@ 400 of tobb per yeareÓ.  The venture was unsuccessful, Benjamin kept James Curnut for only two months, for which he received 67 (?tobb).  He later served his parish by keeping children (one at a time) in his home: 2 were Robert and Lucy, orphans of Sarah Tyrie.
   David Tyree in 1784 transfers 200A to his daughter-in-law, Sarah Richardson, land 
   left her by her father, John Richardson who died in Cumberland County in 1753.  In 
   1784 David TyreeÕs will leaves land to sons Samuel (who sells to his share to his 
   brother Benjamin) and Benjamin.  Nov. 7, 1785 Henrico County: David Whitlock, 
   executor of Benjamin Tyree, decÕd, agst. John Bowles and Charles Britton debt; 
   Benjamin Bowles undertakes for debts.  May 4, 1786 legal pleas are withdrawn; to be 
   discharged by pmt. of 103 pounds 10 shillings with interest from Jan. 16, 1785.
      Samuel Tyree sold his inherited land to bro. Benjamin.
      Benjamin Tyree, m. Sarah 1763; in 1763 Benjamin Tyree was placed in St. PaulÕs 
         Precinct #17.  In 1784 Benjamin and wife Sarah bought 128A called GrahamÕs on 
         s. Side of Totoponomy Creek from James Anthony (this cross family purchase of 
         GrahamÕs seems to verify the family relationships).  1786 Benjamin TyreeÕs will 
         leaves 15 negroes and land on Totoponomy Creek to his wife Sarah Richardson 
         Tyree, dau. of John Richardson.  In 1787 John Richardson, executor to Benjamin 
         Tyree, sold 128A in Hanover to Bobby Winston (of the adjacent neighboring 
         family under DavidÕs early purchase of 1731).  Sarah went West with some of her 
         children and died 1813 in Scott County, Kentucky.

      The above identified pieces of land are well inland into todayÕs Chickahominy 
      swamps.  Our immigrant William Tyree inherited his grandfatherÕs land (some of 
      which is swamp today) lower down on the Chickahominy River (is there a logical 
      connection between Scottish weavers and swamps?).

      BUT thereÕs more:  Benjamin Tyree m. Sarah Richardson 1763.
         Benjamin Tyree b. 1766 paid Hanover tax 1774.
            David Tyree b. 1786 Lee County, Virginia (see his descendents Scott Co., 
            Ky., p. 74?).
               Sarah Tyree m. John Haw.
               Patterson Tyree b. 1840, lived Scott Co., Ky. in 1850 Census.
               Joseph Tyree
         Joseph Tyree 1769-1839 m. Sarah Haw; in Hanover Tax 1794, 1803, 1815.
            Benjamin Tyree b. 1802 Hanover, m. Martha b. 1798.  (In Hanover Census 1850)
            *Betsy Tyree b. 1805.
            Joseph Tyree 1806-1857, buried at Old Church, southside, 
             m. 1st Martha Waddell, m. 2nd Elizabeth G. b.1813; Henrico Co. Census 1850 
             gives value of $6,500.  In 1868 Joseph and Elizabeth sold 162 3/4A on New 
             Bridge Road, Hanover County, called Cherry Hill. (Census of 1850 
             confirms Joseph Tyree b. 1808; his wife Elizabeth and 4 of his children.)
               Elizabeth Tyree b. 1834, m. Adolphus Henry Tyree 1831-1902 (cross 
                  reference p. 16).
               George Waddell Tyree 1836-1875.
                  George Bernard Tyree 1867-1881.
                  Grace Elizabeth Tyree 1871-1873.
                  Emma Tyree b. 1873.
               William Richard Tyree b. 5-22-1849 at Cherry Hill, d. 1917 (first child 
                of second wife), m. Nov. 28, 1892 Mary Evelyn Ackerman in Trinity 
                Church, Staunton, Va.
                  William Tyree
                  Alexander Monroe Tyree b. 9-11-1881 at Staunton, Va., d. 1949 
                   Washington County, Md. (fatherÕs will there), buried in Staunton, Va.  
                   1996; INFORMATION ON THIS FAMILY REVIEWED BY HER (she always leaves 
                   ÒeÓ off Monro).
                     Tyree daughter 
                        ELLAN THORSON EllanWT@aol.com (has children)
                  Florence Bell Tyree b. 6-22-1883 Staunton, Va.
               Sarah Tyree b. 1850.
               Josiah Samuel Tyree, b.c. 4-26-1855, m. the actress Elizabeth Tyree 
                (descendent of our W. Va. Samuel, son of Richard F. Tyree -- see Chap. 
                4, p. 29); she claimed no children; m. Zelma Adah Davis 4-26-1898 in 
                Washington, D.C.; strangely children have our W. Va. given names.
                  William Tyree (our Elizabeth's Uncle's name)
                  Richard F. Tyree (our Elizabeth's grandfather's name)
                  Samuel Tyree (our Elizabeth's father's name)
                  Elizabeth Tyree (hm, but Elizabeth was also Josiah's mother's name)
               Isham R. Tyree b.c. 1810.
               John ("Jack") Tyree b. 1817, blind.  (1850 Hanover Census he was living 
                with Mary Tyree 35, given a value of $400, & *Betsy Tyree 45; see 
                his Aunt Betsy on p. 13)
               Catherine H. Tyree m. 10-2-1834 Benj. M. Faulkner, a batchelor, 
                by Rev. Chas. Talley (from TalleyÕs register, p. 12).
               Harriett Tyree b. 1824.
            Isham R. Tyree b. Hanover Co., Va. 1771, d. 1855 Camden, Ill., War service 
            1813-1814, Hanover County tax 1815.
               David Tyree 1819-1896
                  Thomas Walton Tyree b. 1868.
                     Earl Carlton Tyree 1890-1954: Chicago Nat. League baseball catcher 
            Thomas Tyree b. 1773, m. 12-2-1791 Henrico Co., Va. to Nancy Lowary; 
             taxed Hanover 1794.
            Richardson Tyree b. 1774, m. 1-8-1807 Davidson Co., Tenn. Rosanna Martin.
            William Tyree b. 1776, m. Elizabeth Oakley, dau. of John Oakley 
             and Rhoda; William d. before 1823.  (?as grandfather to Littleberry, 
             he was 26?)
               Martha Tyree
               Emily Tyree
               Catherine Tyree Mills
               John Tyree d. c. 1836.
                  Littleberry Tyree b. 1802 (see Greenbrier, W. Va. for more).
                  John L. Tyree b. 1806
                  Madison B. Tyree b. 1815 (see Amherst Co. for these last  3 brothers)
            Timothy Tyree b. 1778, m. 1811 Powhatan Co., Va. to Maria Hutchinson dau. 
             of John; m. 5-19-1824 Ally K. ÒPollyÓ  Melton dau of John M. Melton; 
             Timothy d. Smith Co., Tenn. 1829.
            Samuel Tyree b. 1780, sold his inherited share of "Grahams" to bro. Benjamin 
             or BenjaminÕs estate 1784.

The following list might come in handy: John Oakly m. Rhoda; their children were Thomas Oakly, Martha Oakly Anderson and Mary Ann Oakly Crews (heir to Erasmus Oakly); their grandchildren were John Tyree, Emily Tyree, Martha Tyree and Catherine Tyree Mills.


From nearby Middlesex:  Thomas Tyree was m. 11-28-1738, Parish register of ChristÕs Church, to Catherine Jones.
   Jones Tyree b. Hanover 1765, m. Susannah Browning; he d. 1822; Susannah d. 1838 when 
    sons, David and William, sold her 30 3/4A that year.  Jones Tyree had lived 
    with Izzard Bacon who had been a witness to James Tyree sale of 1767 in Hanover; 
    Jones made deposition to this May 10, 1779.
      William Tyree 1794-1876.
      Absolom Tyree 1795-1858.  (in 1850 Hanover Co. Census was ÒlaborerÓ.)
      Jones Tyree b.c. 1798; found later in Lexington, Ky.
      David Jones Tyree b. 1802, d. 1873.
         David Andrew Tyree 1833-1892 m. Joanna Cumber.
         William J. Tyree b. 1835.
         George R. Tyree 1839-1905.
            David Edwin Tyree 1869-1936 Richmond.
            Mary S. Tyree b. 1872.
            Charles Wilkins Tyree b. 1875.
            George Herbert Tyree 1867-1943.
         Absolom Patrick Tyree b. 1838, m. Susan F. Seal b. 1843; he d. 1904.
            William Harrison Tyree 1861-1936.
               Walter Lynwood Tyree b. 1889.
            Henry Lee Tyree b. 1864, m. Mary Maude Godsey b. 1867, c. 1952, dau. S.W. 
             Godsey; he died 1954.
               Edith Mabel Tyree b. 1893 Lowmore, m. Frank W. Capitane.
            Edgar Alvin Tyree 1867-1892.
            Clarence A. Tyree 1874-1958, Richmond.
               Edgar Foley Tyree b. 1900.
         Adolphus Henry Tyree 1831-1902 b. Richmond, m. Elizabeth Ann Tyree b. 1834, 
          daughter of Joseph Tyree 1803-1857 of Hanover (cross reference p. 13).
            Annie Martha Tyree b. 1863 m. Charlie W. Johnson.
            Joseph Newton Tyree 1865
            Irene Clifford Tyree 1866-1951
            Ida Blanch Tyree b. 1870 Richmond, m. 12-23-1893 Edward Bernard Wilkins, Sr.
         Nancy Emma Tyree b. 1840.
         James J. Tyree 1829-1881.
            Wythe Cowling Tyree 1867.
            James Tyree b. 1870, lived Richmond.
            Mimia Tyree b. 1871.

.... 1794-1876 the Merry Oaks Tavern was at the headwaters of the Totopotomi in Hanover County.


Hanover Census 1850:

Samuel Redd (white) 46, farmer $10,000, children 4 - 21 years of age.
    Michael Tyree (black) 1/2 year old in his household.

Household of workers under head of Wm. K. McLane 37, bridge builder, b. Pa., $8,000.
    one worker Frank Tyree (black) 26.

Household of workers under head of Wm. Mallory 48, collector of revenue.
    Sam Tyree (black) 30.
    James Hartwell Tyree b. 1875, m. Isabell Whitman b. 1875.
        James Howard Tyree b. 1906, m. 1938 Alice Edna Napier b. 1909 
         dau. George R. Napier & Edna Savary.
            James Earl Tyree b. 1944 Richmond, m. 1967 Margaret Raye Watkins.
    George W. Tyree b. 1876, m. Fannie Dyson b. 1877.
        Earle Leslie Tyree b. 1900 Richmond, m. 1924 Marian Adelaide Parker b. 1901, 
         dau. of F. S. Parker and Alma B.
            Mildred Anne Tyree b. 1926 Richmond, m. Raymond Carlyle Edwards, 
             m. 2nd Robert Wesley Rigsby.
    Richard T. Tyree b. 1828, his widow Mary E. lived in Richmond.
        Richard Andrew Tyree b. 1867.
Thomas H. Tyree b. 1833 Richmond, d. 1891, m. Mary Sue Loving b. 1836, d. 1912.
Samuel Tyree               (Hey, these are Our Tyrees, see Gene's Tree)
    William T. Tyree
        Samuel Hunter Tyree b. 6-30-1907, WWII Capt. U.S. Army, lived Sandston, Va.
William A. Tyree m. Susan B.
    Bernard Lewis Tyree b. 1865 Hanover, m. 1895 Annie Leigh Jones b. 1868 dau.
    of James Leigh Jones.
    Andrew Richard Tyree m. Mary Susanna Otey.
        William Pleasant Tyree b. 1909 Richmond, m. 1st Lillie Morris, dau. Wm. Morris 
        and Otela Whitlock; m. 2nd Margaret Werther Saunders, dau. Percy Roy Saunders 
        & Margaret W. Wood 1883-1964.
            Barbara Ann Tyree b. 1936, m. 1954 Alfred Garrett Perry


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